Amalfi & A Beach Picnic!


Remember back when I wrote about politely excusing myself from my family? Well, it’s that time again. I have decided to step away from the daily runs to the market, the VBS & kids in my kitchen at midnight. You know it’s time for a vacation when you go to get out of the car at Target & you have to stop & think, did I get out of my pajamas? Welcome to Lisa’s Life!

So I'm off to Amalfi. index-1

This is Hotel Santa Caterina of Amalfi, a special place to experience the finest of Italian hospitality and lasting sensations of wellbeing. Wellbeing is what I’m aiming for. HSC2

Look, Marco has been anxiously awaiting my arrival!


First stop... yes indeedy...that was quite the drive!

bar Marco has allowed me to pick whichever suite I want..

Love this one, can I bring the door home?


Yes, Marco, the red is romantic, but I'll reserve it when the MR. is along.


This is actually more my style.


Every day I will have fresh flowers.


My morning breakfast will be served on my veranda.


Have I shown you the view from my room? The brochure specifically states...Given the natural composition of the Amalfi Coast, made from a series of terraces, it is highly recommended that children are accompanied by an adult. stay home!


Before I head to the pool, I must be “pool ready”, so I have booked an appointment here.

wellness center

It’s called the “wellness center”. That's a good name.


I'm doing well, cleansing tea & slowly emerging from a dreamy state here.


Forget about it....

health club

I am heading right down there...See, those 3 chaise lounges, umbrellas, & unlimited supply of white fluffy towels are reserved just for me & whoever wants to know all about my blog!

Still here............


A quick stop at the boutique for a little shopping, before I head back to my suite. These would make a nice addition to my Faience collection.


And by the way, I’m still curious about those cliffs... are they growing grapes over there?


Oh perfect! I can become a wine connoisseur & return home with a nice selection for the MR!

wine cellar

But first, I must return to the terrace for the breathtaking views before I dress for dinner.

tour Amalfi

I brought along this little number modeled & designed by my good friend Holly Dunlap.


My table is waiting....

The famed Restaurant Santa Caterina & it’s Mediterranean cuisine has spread far beyond national boundaries. A wine list featuring all of the most prestigious labels and an elegant dining room add further to the appeal.


Restaurant Al Mare where fresh grilled fish and fragrant pizzas cooked in the traditional wood burning oven are the specialties of an informal meal, surrounded by the spectacular scenery of the Amalfi Coast.


Either one will do. So for now I can enjoy watching the coastline come alive with twinkling lights, and plan to do it all again tomorrow & the next day & the next...


Oh, before you go, I have my eye on this beauty to take home as my little souvenir! I might try to bring an extra for The Skirted Roundtable. I believe they decided that busts are “in”.

tour Amalfi Till next time...Family...I’m home...


Read Holly’s Diary at Hollywould & a profile on her fascinating career at

All The Best by Ronda Carman


Juju said...

I'm ready!
My goodness! Finally a work out room that inspires me to work out!
Love it.

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Oh how I long for you my dear Amalfi.I know there is a lounger there with my name plate on it. Beautiful post & love the thought of you @ Target in your p.j.'s! I am still reeling from your story as a girl @ 16 & your run-in with Jackie Kennedy Onassis!

Simone said...

Oh, I love it, what a brilliant post! gorgeous! I will be in Italy in precisely 11 days time, not Amalfi but pretty close.

Oh, those rooms....those!

b. said...

im sooo jealous. can you make room for me to come w. you? have a blast!!!! xo.

beachbungalow8 said...

thanks for the mention Lisa!

Jo said...

I'm almost packed ~ what time do we leave? : )


Cote de Texas said...

I'm ready!!! let's go, tonight.

Alicia said...

Im so glad you made it!!! I hope the concierge delivered my basket of goodies highlighted by a marvelous chilled prosecco to start your retreat.
Im up the coast with friends in Portofino so perhaps we can connect in Firenze for some chit chat & gelato.

The Decorated House said...

Hi Lisa!
Looks so amazing.
Beautiful & refreshing.
Have a great weekend,

Millie said...

Beam me to Amalfi Scotty, pronto! You have chosen the most glorious place to escape to Lisa. What can I say except I'll meet you on the terrace at Santa Caterina!
Millie ^_^

Lisa said...

I'll save you all a spot & Marco will be waiting to show you to which ever room you want! Safe travels! Lisa

sophie dahy designs said...

OH! Forget Montana and HH! My bags are packed!!

Bonnie said...

Your photos are spectacular! You are living my dream right now! Italy is my favorite and the Amalfi Coast is magnificent! Capri is so beautiful too if you get a chance to go over there too. I hope you have a fabulous relaxing trip! - PS I love the new blog look too!

Nancy B said...

Spectacular in so many ways!

Fine Bessot said...

Que de gourmandises sur ce blog !

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Those pictures of Amalfi look exquisite! Would love to have dinner on the side of the mountain in one of the small ocean side restaurants. Thanks for the post!!

P.S.-When is your next picnic? We are coming with you!

farmhouse wares said...

You're such a gem. thanks for taking me along. I needed that.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

It's so funny I popped over here today... in the middle of my workday. I've a million last minute things to do before departing for holiday in 3 short days! But it must have been meant to be, for you see I'm going to Amalfi!!! How fun to read your blog, see these beautiful pics, and take notes of a few must sees while on vacay!
All the best,