Will You Be Mine?

I am definitely thinking pink!
What kind of girl isn't?
We all know what's
just around the corner..
Valentines Day
One of my favorite memories
of living at the shore in southern California
was celebrating the arrival of Valentine's Day.
Of course my children spent hours making
homemade cards made from doilies
and construction paper for the "special"
people in their lives
Then there were the "boxed" sets from Target
that my daughter would personalize for every friend
with a candy charm and signature in her best cursive.
My son wanted nothing to do with all of that silly stuff!
My little guy was working on his own masterpiece.
God love him.
Meanwhile my other guy
would spend hours at a card shop.
His mother and I will tell you
that he really knows how to pick them.
I mean the cards ( well, ok the horses too).
He only forgot to make dinner reservations once.
He always remembers now.
God love him too.
I always saved the day for my BFF Becky.
First on the list.....fresh pink pedicures!
Then lunch & shopping at Fashion Island.
We always celebrated our friendship,
that Spring had arrived and Summer was soon to come.
To top off a wonderful day
there were always those dinner reservations
with my husband and sometimes the kids too
Good friends & family,
They will always be mine.

Hope your Valentines is special.
Relax & enjoy more PINK.

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photo Cig Harvey
Anne Harwell Collection
Palermo Sandal by J. Crew

Still searching for more "boxed" sets.

just a punch of pink !

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Very girlie i would say....


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