Almost There!

Have a great weekend!


Kimm at Reinvented said...

You have a great weekend too! I love the moss pics, thanks for sharing.

pve design said...

heavenly photo, it is snowing here, and i want to be there - running in the grass with a soft white coverlet.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Hi Lisa,
I wandered onto your blog today while leaving a comment on Habitually Chic and you had with the hat in your profile pic before I even had a chance to check out your site! Then a further look around told me you are totally my type of blogger. In addition to the subject matter, I was particularly taken with the innovative format of the blog - I've never seen one set up quite this way with 3 equal sized columns. Good work! I'll look forward to "getting to know you" as I read on more about you, your life and the Lisa Porter Collection.
Best regards,

Jo said...

I'll trade you that lovely green lawn for a pristine white one!

I need something bright (not white) and cheery. How many more days until spring? :)


Nancy said...

Love this photo!!!!!