Mr. Charming

Allow me to introduce
the charming
Lee Bailey.
I had the pleasure of spending some time
with this gentleman many years ago,
when I coordinated a book signing
for him at Williams-Sonoma.
I am not exaggerating when I tell you
the ladies were
In his book
Southern Food and
Plantation Houses,
he slows the pace and in no time
you find yourself on a porch
beneath moss-hung live oaks, 
enjoying berry sherbet on a balmy
southern afternoon.

Lee Bailey takes us to
Natchez, Mississippi,
the home of his favorite Aunt Freddie.
It is also where Mr. Bailey pays tribute
to the memory of a small band
of purposeful ladies who began the
Natchez Pilgrimage almost a half century ago.
He enlisted the help of the
Pilgrimage Garden Club,
which has been organizing tours of these homes
since 1932.

The result is a glorious celebration
of Natchez and it’s long tradition of great
American cooking!

A festive supper at
Twin Oaks.
Elegant & unpretentious from 1810
& listed in the National Register of
Historic Places.

Pickled okra & butter beans at
Hope Farm.
It’s modest & austere beginnings
proudly displayed.
It was a farm, not a mansion,
and therein lies it’s charm!

Pie on the back screened gallery
built in 1775.

Or enjoy peach & meringue shortcake
and breathtaking views of gardens 
at Dunleith,
the quintessential southern mansion,
as seen through the branches of the
great oaks planted over a century ago.
Pineapple & Lemon Mousse
would be perfect! 

You would most likely find me at
Built in 1852,
a country house in the sense that it is
situated in splendid isolation outside of
the city limits.
Approaching it through dense, cool trees,
I would enjoy a relaxing supper on the patio
Clara Nell Adams
and her fabulous white chocolate cake.
If this doesn’t have you humming
Dixie, I don’t know what will.
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