Summer Picnic

What's in your picnic basket?

Beach towels, army blankets, paper plates, thermos bottles, potato salad, and deviled eggs emerging from worn wicker baskets are just some of the favorites found at one of our many beach picnics!

Stuffed clams as an appetizer for dinner or the main dish for a summer lunch.

Peppers stuffed with fresh crab & a garden salad are a favorite of ours.

Especially after a game of badminton in the sand!

Champagne & sausage are all about sophistication & simplicity. This summer fete reveals the mannered elegance of one very special beach picnic!

A gorgeous lunch awaits on a fine Afghan cotton dhurrie rug in very appropriate shades of sand, indigo, and sun-bleached green. The fresh flowers, sea grass, and driftwood bring it all together!

When the tide is low, harvesting black mussels can be a pleasant adventure. Gently steamed in vermouth & flavored with bunches of fresh herbs from the garden is beach food at it's best!

A picnic wrapped in cotton dish towels considerably simplifies the transporting of a lunch buffet to the beach!

Several varieties of plums, dried apricots, a loaf of sliced & buttered bread, and raspberry jam cake are protected from the sand & pebbles. After the meal, just tie up the leftovers if there are any!

Hope your full!

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