She's Got It!

American Style
I was having a visit with my good friend Vanessa Lyons on face book tonight and found these beauties. Vanessa is a gal with her own true American style.
 She comes from a family that believes in individualism, independence, ingenuity, spontaneity and a healthy sense of humor. Our Collier is proud to call Vanessa's mom & dad, his God-Parents.
 American style is very personal to each of us.  It defines you, reaches out to you, inspires you to continue the evolution of who you are.
I adore these patriotic, all-American bouquets that she has all ready for the 4th at her darling store Vintage Magnolia. Nestled in the Colorado mountains, Vanessa & friends are well-known for their fresh floral deliveries, and so much more throughout the Vail Valley.
Stop by and grab some good-old-fashioned
American Style!
Also visit them at 
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