Welcome to my life.


But not for long.

I am moving into this little number, the perfect clutch.

The Bomber clutch by Clare Vivier.

Smaller than a hand bag & roomier than a wristlet. 

Clare Vivier REMAKE folder clutches are made from remnant leather - meaning leather that couldn't be used either because there were imperfections on the hides or there wasn't enough for larger productions to use.

clutch info

All are limited editions and available in the four color groups as follows: Neutral Light (whites, creams, light grays), Neutral Dark (olives, dark grays, navy), Brights (yellows, reds, pinks, greens, bright blues) and Black, in varying textures.

And how about this! 

A Clare Vivier iphone Pouch.

iphone clutch

Made from extremely supple suede, it's fully lined in optical chamois to clean the glass on your iphone or your sunglasses. It has two separated sections for separating your phone from other objects and comes in pink or navy too!

And look at this...i know

Her iPad case fits iPad like a glove!

Clarevivier ipad case

Made of smooth, Italian, naturally dyed leather, it comes in some very yummy colors too.


Did I mention that Clare Vivier bags are "locally made" in California?

Well, they are. I like that.

When I'm ready to move back into something roomier, you will find me in her

Messenger Bag!

Navy Messenger Bag

Made from Nubuck leather and softer than soft in a beautiful selection of colors.

I still think that the REMAKE clutches are perfect for easily transferring all my stuff between all the bags in my life!

Her full collection can be purchased on her website’s online store.

You can also get to know Clare at her blog,


Here she shares somewhat personal anecdotes about her life, style, things that inspire, and trials as a designer.

I am thrilled that I found her & will feel so liberated when I leave the "luggage" behind.  


Jen of Made By Girl said...

I have a gorgeous brown leather tote by Clare Vivier...! :)))))


Willow Decor said...

Love all her bags - such a great collection. Hope you are well!!

Renae said...

Great designs Lisa and a great find indeed. I must say I do like that messenger bag! It's fun though when one doesn't need to have extra 'stuff' to carry one of those little Bomber clutch's.

Karena said...

Lisa I am loving her bags ( lately NOT liking my larger ones/ except for work where I can slip files, even lunch, small clitch amkeup bag etc...

Love the yummy colors!

Art by Karena

Morning T said...

Love that first clutch, very chic!Hugs~

Privet and Holly said...

What a find,
I can't wait
to explore her
site! I'm
loving the idea
of the i-phone
case, as I really
don't like mine
rattling around
in my purse without
better protection.
Jumping over to
have a look....
xx Suzanne

Annie Robertson said...

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Irene said...

Very elegant. Thanks for sharing.

BODIE and FOU said...

I'm a big big big fan of Clare's designs. I love my La Tropezienne tote bag and we have customers who ordered the whole lot on BODIE and FOU...:a Trop, her gorgeous messenger bag, her ipad slipcase and even her very stylish leather wrist wrap


Maria said...

Great style! Love the clutches. ~M

Millie said...

Oh Lisa you are a better gal than me, I would never be brave enough to go to a clutch. MOTH says my big old Coach bag has enough junk in it (lap top included) to drop a mugger dead to the ground with my first swing!
Millie ^_^