I finally found some!


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And just in time for Valentines Day!

There’s no way this girl was going to let TODAY go by without wishing you hugs & kisses & chocolate & champagne & anything else that makes you completely happy!

What ARE you doing today my Valentines?

Going for a spin with your sweetie?

photo Viki Rutsch for Vanity Fair

Or perhaps something a bit more dramatic?

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Maybe your putting on your pretties.


MR. would seriously love those X’s and O’s!

But good grief,  why on earth does Valentine’s Day have to be on a Tuesday?  And why on earth does it have to be 28 degrees outside?

{So miss my best friend Beck & I going for our traditional Valentines mani-pedi and lunch at Fashion Island.}

This is unfortunately the only RED this girl will be wearing today.

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Oh, I’d much rather be wearing this…


and these

Saltwater Sandals

driving this

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over there.  Big sigh…


Without a doubt that will all be happening come summertime and I plan on packing as many BLOGGY friends in the

LOVE BUG as possible!

Until then – I’m sending X’s and O’s and asking you all to be mine!

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Just to be thoughtful & in case you haven’t found the perfect card yet…

{MR. will tell you that The Hallmark at the Lansdowne Shops was completely picked over last night.}

I found these!  Maybe you know someone who could use them, ha!

google images   google images

I’m headed to brunch with my honey.

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{Which happens to be the topic of my next post!}

Until then.

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