Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi

Last night I spent the evening meandering through the Instagram of embroidery artist Yumiko Higuchi.

Pink Flower 2010 by Yumiko Higuchi

Her delicate hand stitching is beautifully photographed & sends a quiet message ~
“The pleasure of the hand can create a sense of peace.”

Antique Pin Cushion Photo by Yumiko Higuchi

Her needlework is filled with fanciful details of flora, fauna, and any other wonderful curiosities that happen to catch her eye!

Flowers of the Field by Yumiko Higuchi

Blue Whale by Yumiko Higuchi

Rainy Season Flowers by Yumiko Higuchi

Born in 1975 & a resident of Tokyo, after graduating from Tama Art University, Yumiko Higuchi began working as a handmade bag designer. Not wishing to be bound by traditional embroidery, she began creating her own designs in 2008.

Work Space by Yumiko Higuchi

Snake by Yumiko Higuchi

 This guiding spirit finds her creating work that is nostalgic, fresh & endlessly fascinating!

Embroidery Bee 2012 by Yumiko Higuchi

Embroidery Bee Pouch by Yumiko Higuchi

I absolutely adore her mini wool stitch coin purses! Her exquisite workmanship includes designing and finishing each piece by hand!

Studio by Yumiko Higuchi

Mini Pouches by Yumiko Higuchi

Thank You by Yumiko Higuchi

Yumiko Higuchi thanks you & shares her needlework knowledge and patterns in individual kits and in her latest book, Wool Stitch.

Wool Stitch Book by Yumiko Higuchi

To learn more about the embroidered nature of Yumiko Higuchi visit her website. There you'll find links to her store & other social media.
Bee by Yumiko Higuchi
Photos | Yumiko Higuchi

Happy February!

Happy 2016 by Yumiko Higuchi


Dumbwit Tellher said...

What an incredibly talented artist Yumiko is. Her designs are very current, although they take me back to a time when embroidery was much more revered. Both my grandmother's were so good at it. It takes a great eye, & endless patience. I look forward to reading about Yumiko and seeing more of her precious designs. How I'd love to the purse with the bees. I totally see Barbara falling for the design with the blue whales! A very fun post as always Lisa. xx

Karena Albert said...

Lisa, how very artfully creative! I love her work, so delicate yet fresh! Thank you for featuring Yumiko! Adore her coin purses!

The Arts by Karena

Karla Ann Sears said...

This woman's work is amazing, it has inspired me to get her book and take a try at embroidery. I wish I had paid more attention to my "Granny" as a child her work was equally as beautiful. Thanks for the post

Lillie Bowen aka Margot Diersen said...

Her coin purses are to die for! Are these taught in one of her books? Amazing work!

theevolutionofahome said...

Oh I love her too! I follow her on Facebook. I've always wanted to buy one of those change purses. Such lovely detailed work.