Showing Her Colors

Showing her colors
Take a peek at the beautiful work of Maria Killam

She is the warm & friendly talent featured on the September cover of BC Home!

Be sure to stop by & spend some time with Maria at Colour Me Happy. She is one of the friendliest designers around. And to see more of this incredible space, click on her cheery logo below. Job well done my friend!


While You Are Out

Do you ever wonder what they do...
or where they like to wait,
while you are out?
I wonder if they get anxious,
or if they simply sleep all day.
Maybe they settle down right where you said
so as to be ready and waiting when you return.

It's probably most comforting to know,
that even though they have a bed, your pillow is their favorite.
If they're lucky,
they might have a sunny terrace or patio.

but for some, a window for two will do.
Funny how they always know...
when the time is near.
They know to be quiet and listen,

and to keep a watchful eye.
Because they know the familiar sounds of your arrival, they know you're home & they want to know all about your day!
xo Gracie 


A Taste of the Sweet Apple

A favorite summertime read!

A Taste of the Sweet Apple

Jo Anna “Pee-Wee” Holt Watson was born and reared in Woodford County, Kentucky, the heart of the bluegrass.
A Taste of the Sweet Apple is a moving memoir on the love of a place and the way the land becomes a part of its inhabitants. Brimming with unsentimental innocence and the sensuality of furs, tobacco, and her mother’s lemon lily beds, she draws a tough-minded, tomboy-accomplished portrait of girlhood.
A vivid cast of characters takes you completely into this world, reminding us of the power of storytelling in a time when we need it more than ever.
Thank you, Jo Anna!