More to Love at My Sparrow

More to love at My Sparrow.
Bone China Farmer's Market Berry & Fruit Baskets,

and a nap on the Henry Bench.

Christina at My Sparrow encourages us to,
"Bring things into your life and home that make you smile."
Thank you, Christina.

Staying Put!

There are two kinds of getaways. The places you go for change,
444 So Cal
and the changes you make without going.
Tennis shoes Via Pure Style Living Pure Style Living
Cook outside instead of in,
glasses by et a part ca
et a part ca
dress your bed in white,
Coastal Living
gather seashells in tiny bowls.
collecting shells by Alison Miksch
Alison Miksch
Share your home & your cooking,
welcome via mayalu via Mayalu
turn hammocks into beds,
via Mayalu
call a clothesline your closet,
vintage pillowcase dresses by Mayalu
via Mayalu
display the finest kids paper plate art.
kids art by Daniel Farmer
Daniel Farmer
hang out with your bff,
borrow each other's books,
Kate headley book and beach towel
Kate Headley
and lose your shoes.espadrilles by trine thorse
Trine Thorse
On the last day of your getaway,
matt bird
Matt Bird
pack up your summer from the sea,
Nicola Tree  Nicola Tree
weathered chairs,
via Mrs. Hoffy
ric-rac photo by Pia Tryde Pia Tryde
and hope they'll make the magic last till next year.
end of summer net flickr
To me, the most treasured things at home are memories. 

Nite Lights

How do you light up your nights?
cox & cox
If you plan to serve dinner under the stars...
Atlanta Bartlett
or dance on the patio till dawn,
Garden Home
 make the setting a little more festive or a little more romantic
with outdoor lighting.
Atlanta Bartlett
Today there are so many ways to make your garden or backyard sparkle after dark.
Some are based on long tradition; paper Japanese lanterns still enchant, as do luminarias made from paper bags.
Other ornamental garden lights are new interpretations of old designs.
cox & cox
Outdoor lights cast shadows...
Garden Design
create patterns & forms
Sandra Lane
that don't exist in the light of day.
Subtlety is a virtue so use low wattage bulbs.
Keiko Oikawa
Or use no wattage whatsoever!
cox & cox
The challenge is to light up the darkness, with all its magic & mystery,
Anson Smart
not to create the light of day.
Which one is your favorite?
cox & cox

Essential Happiness

 essential happiness from
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Endless Summer Hydrangeas

When the time is right.
Go to the Garden.
Speak kindly & Pray softly.
Prune back & Plow ahead!
Just hoping that my
Endless Summer Hydrangeas
and I make it to the end of the summer!
All photos by me.
This means bunches of Gerber Daisies for Taylor & Hydrangeas for the rest of us!
A warm welcome to my new followers.  Hope y'all are staying cool!
xo Lisa

Good Morning!

When I woke up this morning, it was cool, the humidity was tolerable, the birds were singing, and my house was quiet.  I know, hard to believe.
Scandia Downs
So I tippy-toed around the house opening every door and window to take in a rare & much needed cool breeze. What more could I ask and time!  Time to read email and visit with you!
Atlanta Bartlett
You all know that the best way to start a morning of reading and writing is to catch up with old friends and to receive a note from a new one. This is why I put my original post on hold, to introduce you to new friends in Bali!
The Dupps Family.
Katherine & Rally Dupps and their two small children surrounded by the beauty of Bali and their incredibly chic batiks!
He's originally from Nashville and she was born and raised in Arizona. A backpacking trip through Southeast Asia while dating brought them to where they are today.
Producing a beautiful line of batiks inspired by their love of travel, textiles, and design.
 Thank goodness you can see & shop for Katherine Rally Textiles and accessories at fine boutiques right here at home. I'm sending my mom right over to La Grande Orange in Phoenix!
Ok, in case you were wondering, I started writing this post almost two hours ago. The ethereal picture I painted at the beginning of the post was short-lived. I've kissed the husband and daughter goodbye, answered two phone calls, waved to my walking buddies, fed Gracie and closed up the house. Uggh, the heat & humidity has arrived & the starving 16-year-old son has just risen. Oh, to be in Bali.
For more ethereal goodness, visit Maria Killam at Colour Me Happy this morning where she discusses the art of creating ethereal settings at home. I'm all for that!
I'll catch up with you all in a bit...
xo Lisa

Good to be back!

Kids, kids, kids. What more can I say! 
It's good to be back and I am so looking forward to reading about all that you've been up to. I have some fun new posts below & many more that I've been looking forward to sharing with you too!
xo Lisa
Nancy by Kate Headley