October in Lexington.  
 Ralph Lauren

We call it Indian Summer.

O'Holleran Co.
 A change of season that's more sensory than a date on the calendar.

Chiot's Run 

The heat has passed and the nights call for an extra blanket.


Gradually, familiar surroundings take on a more rustic tone.


Indian Summer charms it's way in...
Jane Colclasure

to prepare us for what's down the road.
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
& Happy Halloween!



I'm calling him Trench! 
  After reading my post below on coats, a reader sent me a photo of this adorable little guy.
He's all set to go & now I think he needs a walk!
You can find a trench for your little pooch right here.
Thank you, Elizabeth!



I love this scene from Love Story where Harvard pre-law hockey player Oliver Barrett IV and Radcliffe music student Jenny Cavalleri are speeding along on a cold winter's day in his classic MG. I also love that they are sporting classic trench and camel hair coats.
Long a staple for men and normally relegated to our Winter wardrobes, this season, trench, proper wool & camel hair coats are in abundance.
via Fashionizing
This camel coat may be a little on the dark side of the color spectrum, but it's still the perfect sort of coat to take you through Autumn & into Fall.
via Fashionizing
The camel coat has proved to be the perfect layering piece for the cold days we're still facing. If you haven't laid your hands on one already, do so.  Remember, the classics never go out of style!
Paris fashion Week 2011 Anna Selezneva
On Monday, before my fly fishing lesson, I had to stop by the Jeep dealership.
via Jeep.com
While I was waiting in the customer service lounge, I thumbed through the latest Town & Country, Architectural Digest & Veranda...Don't you wish every waiting room had this assortment!  Anyway, I was drooling over the T&C Fall Fashion Issue which featured these beautiful coats.  I loved them all and wanted to share!
Town & Country photographs by Taghi Naderzad
Town & Country photographs by Taghi NaderzadTown & Country photographs by Taghi NaderzadTown & Country photographs by Taghi NaderzadTown & Country photographs by Taghi Naderzad
Town & Country photographs by Taghi Naderzad
Town & Country photographs by Taghi Naderzad
Town & Country photographs by Taghi Naderzad
Town & Country photographs by Taghi Naderzad
Another classic and my all-time favorite, the iconic trench & cupcakes too !
tumblr via One Deep Breath
If you love your trench as much as I do mine, you have to check out
It's a digital platform for all of you "Trenchies" who are social, savvy, and connected.
click to visit & turn up the music!
Art of the Trench is a very nifty www by Burberry where users can submit their own portraits to feature on the site, Burberry picks their favorites & yours creating a body of images reflecting personal trench coat style across the globe. You can like, comment, and share!

Courtesy of Burberry
Everybody has a different story related to their coat or the first time they came into contact with one –
Courtesy of Burberry
"I love the idea that people from all over the world can share those stories and images with each other and all the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it."Christopher Bailey, Burberry Creative Director
Here are just a few of my favorites...from Art Of The Trench.
Courtesy of Burberry
Courtesy of Burberry
Courtesy of Burberry
Courtesy of Burberry  Courtesy of Burberry  Courtesy of Burberry 
Courtesy of Burberry
Courtesy of Burberry
Remember, Art Of The Trench is alive & constantly changing story of the trench coat and the people who wear it. So today when I head out to the market I will be wearing mine. If I happen to see this guy following me, I will not assume he's from the Bourne Identity and run, I will pose and let my trench do all the talking!
Scott Schuman
Scott Schuman
You see, Art of the Trench also features specially commissioned trench portraits by fashion & street style photographers like the talented Scott Schuman of The Satorialist. I didn't make it into his book, The Sartorialist, but maybe some of you did!
The Sartolialist book by Scott SchumanIn closing...I'm headed to Fresh Market, The Mousetrap Wine & Cheese Shop, and the Video store.  It's a good night to rent Love Story because it doesn't get much more romantic than doing the rounds at the Wollman Rink.  Remember, its where Oliver and Jenny went skating in Central Park. I'll probably have the soaring music in my head for days.
Bundle Up!
For more Love, click on a daisy.


Where are you going?

It begins with the click of the signal arm.
Running Errands by Cig Harvey
Cig Harvey
It's just around the bend...

friends & family in tow...

or maybe on your own...
vw bus by stephen kearney
Stephen Kearney
you've been down this road before...
Kentucky Horse ParkLisa Porter 
and he always comes along...
Don't leave home without him. via the steward
via the steward
tell me, where are you headed for the weekend?
 duffles via the steward   via the steward
Safe travels & have a wonderful time!
I appreciate you stopping by here first.

Ripened Days

It was a picture-perfect day for my friend Katherine McPherson and her adorable fiancé Chad.
Katherine McPherson
Katherine McPherson
They were doing more than picking apples. They were also picking memories.
Katherine McPherson
Katherine McPherson
They headed to Lawrence Farms in the Hudson River Valley area where the gnarled limbs were reaching down tumbling the fruit to the ground.
Katherine McPherson
Katherine McPherson
It was a day of harvesting & gathering too, with good friends Betsy & Mike.
Katherine McPherson
Katherine McPherson
I love rituals of friendship & days like this are especially meaningful.
Katherine McPherson
Katherine McPherson
Good friends are people who help you be more of yourself.
Katherine McPherson
Katherine McPherson
And an apple a day & good friends are always good for your health.
Katherine McPherson

Katherine McPherson
The adorable photos of the day were captured by Katherine who also happens to be the photo editor for Fab Over 50. Thank you so much, Katherine, for sharing your day with us.
Katherine McPherson Katherine McPherson
Get to know Katherine and her wonderful photography at
click to visit
her new website is coming soon!

apple baskets by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines for Garden and Gun
photo: Stacey Van Berkel-Haines for Garden & Gun
While they were picking apples in the Hudson Valley, we were doing the same just outside of Lexington.
Did you notice the empty baskets?
Lisa Porter
Lisa Porter
 Well, the pickings were slim to none.
Lisa Porter
Lisa Porter
But the corn fields were amazing!
Lisa Porter
The late October sun was drowsy & warm.
Lisa Porter
Lisa Porter
Dry corn stalks were clattering in the wind.
Lisa Porter
Lisa Porter
It was a good, mellow yellow, ripened day.
Lisa Porter
Picture perfect too!
Lisa Porter
We're looking forward to the weekend, aren't you!