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 Tis the season for soirĂ©es!

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 In Lexington they begin in Spring and don't slow down till the end of summer. It's during this time when we find ourselves running & jumping at Keeneland, Rolex, the Triple Crown, High Hope Steeplechase & on the Polo fields as well!

Custom Boutique Tents Cocktail Umbrellas | Colin Cowie Weddings | Photo by Liz Banfield

Also on the calendar are dinner parties & birthday parties, weddings & graduations, bourbon tastings & barbeques!

Custom Scalloped Umbrella by Boutique Tents | Photo by Adrienne Page

Whatever the occasion, outdoor entertaining is one of the hallmarks of summer that I love, be it a rooftop garden, an elegantly manicured patio or sprawling lawn.

Custom Cabana by Boutique Tents | Designed for Todd Events

The sun shines bright on our old Kentucky home & the sky tends to open up on a moments notice. Wanting to avoid being drenched by an occasional rain, we find ourselves seeking stylish shelter!

Toile Scallop Umbrella by Boutique Tents | Photo by Adrienne Page The best person to seek stylish shelter with is Anne Girault at Boutique Tents! Anne can renew your vision & your faith when it comes to entertaining in the great outdoors.

Custom Boutique Tents Beach Cabana

Whether your hosting a fundraiser that calls for seating five hundred ~

Custom designed tent by Boutique Tents | Steven Boyle

Or cocktails at six ~

Custom Scalloped Umbrella by Boutique Tents | Photo by Jose Villa

Boutique Tents has a beautiful array of bespoke cabanas, boutique tents, and timeless umbrellas that will complement your own personal style!

Bespoke Cabana by Boutique Tents | Designed for Tara Guerard

Anne has been immersed in the oeuvre of tents for nearly a decade. Her creations are inspired by her love of fashion, travel, motifs in nature, textiles, architecture and interior design & it shows!

Hollis Valance | Custom Design by Boutique Tents

A valance with three layers of color, texture and motion and the hand painted pattern on the interior roof are fine examples of the innate sense of craft and workmanship that transforms these tents & cabanas into exquisite environments.

Bespoke tent and valance design by Boutique Tents | Designed for Calder Clark | Photo by A. Bryan

  Her designs are so richly detailed. I love the classic style and touch of whimsy!

Bespoke tent and valance by Boutique Tents | Commissioned for Steven Boyle Design

Perhaps you would prefer that weekend guests slip out of their wet suits outdoors as well.

Boutique Tents has got them covered!

Bespoke Cabana by Boutique Tents | Lula Kate Marsh

And a beautiful bespoke umbrella is guaranteed to add character to your inner sanctuary and provide a charming place to plan your next soiree ~ quick before the summer ends!

Scalloped Umbrella by Boutique Tents | Commissioned for Lewis Miller Designs

Here's a sneak peek of a new parasol prototype & custom cocktail umbrellas for a wedding. At Boutique Tents the planning never ends!

Peek at a new Parasol prototype via Anne Melvin Girault | Instagram  Always coming up with new custom designs. Photo Anne Melvin Girault | Instagram

  Boutique Tents offers more than couture party cabanas, tents & scalloped cocktail umbrellas... on their website you'll also find custom fabric valances, beautifully hand painted aisle rugs and banners!

Bespoke Valance by Boutique Tents | Design for Tara Guerard | Photo by Liz Banfield

JK Aisle Runner by Boutique Tents | Designed for Tara Guerard

Boutique Tents Custom Banner | Pinterest

I was so pleased to discover Anne Girault and her gorgeous Boutique Tents!

We became social on Instagram & she is so nice!

Anne Melvin Girault | Boutique TentsBe it a summer soiree or relaxing with the Sunday paper, I love to be outdoors and enjoying my surroundings, doesn't everyone?

Custom Design Kitty Cat Cabana from Boutique TentsThank you Anne! 1AAA Signature

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