Starting Fresh

After all the spirit and sparkle of the season ~ my body, my eyes, and my mind are in need of a rest.
white a la Kate Spade
You could call it a time out.
time out by daniel farmer
You could call it a good cleansing.
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Or you could call it a new outlook ~ after all, it is a new year!
Herriott GraceI like to call it ~ starting fresh.
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Starting fresh means more time for me to spend with you which I always look forward to.
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I’ve also been looking forward to sharing some wonderful news ~
From her studio in Moss Vale in the southern highlands of Australia, my good friend Coty Farquhar is welcoming a fresh start with the launch of her newly published magazine!
January Issue No.1 of Styling has arrived! This stunningly beautiful digital magazine brings long-awaited inspiration for the soul to readers around the world!
In Styling ~ seashells and soft white create a breath of fresh air and old-world splendor is interpreted through fine porcelain, pristine farmhouses, and of course lot’s and lot’s of beautiful flowers. All captured by Coty’s stunning photography.
Each issue of  Styling will celebrate the creativity of others who have caught her eye. January features Australian stylist & antique dealer Appley Hoare and takes us to the picturesque Monaro plains in New South Whales where Coty introduces us to the beautiful & inspiring artist Emma Pfeiffer.
 Coty will also keep her eye on antique auction houses around the globe. Every month she will highlight current collections and treasures from the past that are being offered up for bid and sold at recent online auctions.
Photo Courtesy Christies Auction House
While you're looking for your paddle let me tell you ~
There’s so much more to explore in Styling ~ If you’re ready to start fresh with new beginnings, green grass & a warm breeze ~ you’re just a click away!
Remember it’s summertime Down Under ~
Enjoy!1AAA Signature