Gracie got mail!

I want to share with you a wonderful surprise that arrived on Valentines Day!

Gracie Gift

A package filled with heart felt goodies!

Healthy peanut butter hearts for Gracie & healthy Hershey nuggets for moi!

This friend even personalized the mailing label with our pictures!

Guess who sent this scrumptious surprise?

  Miss Erma Moore, the adorable best friend to blogger & designer extraordinaire Renae Moore.

Erma from Renae Moore Design

It was all Gracie & I could do to sit, stay, sniff & then finally enjoy!

Gracie wait for it.

Thank you so much Renae, we just loved the treats...all of them!

You'll never guess where Gracie & Erma met. 

On facebook at The Gracie Porter Collection!

It's where all good dogs come to sit, speak, stay, and a few even know how to roll over!

When you come over I'll introduce you to,

Lars & Wellington from Chic Coles

  Lars from Chic ColesWellington from Chic Coles 


Billy from My Dog-Eared Pages

Billy from My Dog-eared Pages 

Dylan & Photo stylist/Producer Annette Joseph

Annette Joseph & Dylan

Lexi & Leeloo from Carollyn Hammersmith

Lexi & Leeloo from Carollyn Hammersmith in Washington, DC

Henry from Sophie Dahy

Henry from Sophie Dahy 

Sam from Love Where You Live

Sam from Love Where You Live

Buffy T. Milne from Dumbwhit Tellher

Buffy T. Milne from Dumwhitt Tellher

Chloe & Weezie from Anne Standish

Chloe & weezie from Anne Standish

Irma from Delightful & Delovely

Irma from Alicia Geier

Gracie & Oliver from Michelle Masters Topiary Art

Oliver & Gracie from Michelle Masters Topiary Art

Gracie's boyfriend Luke from across the street with the Chappells.

Luke from across the street with the Chappells

& many more!

At The Gracie Porter Collection we talk about great dog gear & beautiful books & movies. We celebrate rescues & heroes too!  I'll introduce you to Gracie's cousin Buddy who just became a certified therapy dog & friend Kristin Lawless who just competed at the Westminster Dog Show!



  In my blog post, "Are you a blog dog?", I mentioned just a few of my wonderful blogger friends who have the best blog dogs.  There are many that I know you will love and if there's a new friend on the block then invite them over too.

At The Gracie Porter Collection we have lot's of room to run and play.

So we hope you'll stop by, bring your best friend,

and grab a link below!

Grab a link to The Gracie Porter Collection Grab a link to The Gracie Porter Collection

Just Breathe...

For the last two weeks Spring has been flirting with us.
It's been wonderful to be able to open up the house.
My apologies for being away,
I've been under the weather.
The fresh air, warmer temps, sunshine & rain
are helping to clear my lungs & my head.
I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos and remember to just breathe.
 Maureen Long Maureen Long
crumpledenvelopeCrumpled Envelope
tumblr_ld9tx54A1g1qcek63o1_400 a cottage in the woodsCottage in the Woods
Vitt sekelskifte i G%C3%A4vle3[1] via Greigevia Greige
photo Sam Scholes  Sam Scholes
Grey_and_charmingGrey and Charming



tumblr_l4eu6sIB2T1qcucato1_500 via deniseathomeDenise at Home
tumblr_ldc2njwMvj1qcrb8do1_400 Tumblr
tumblr_levoigdT0g1qdf3evo1_400 Levoig
tumblr_lgbjyi4sKL1qfj0u6o1_500via pink and green owlPink and Green Owl
 Enid Blyton  Enid Blyton
I hope Spring has been flirting with you too!

That's What She Said!

ipad love 13th 018
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red lace via a lady's findings   LOVELAUGHLIVEGIVE3
         red hearts via A Lady's Findings   ipad love 13th 016
          Feb 9th ipad 059
                When in doubt wear red.                   
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love my readers