Always bring flowers!

Happy Valentine's Day!
This post is dedicated to all the wonderful women I've come to know. But mostly to those of you who are freezing & absolutely finished with this cold stuff!
For you, flowers & a far-reaching hug.
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If you received flowers for Valentine's Day from an admirer ~ Congratulations!
If not, send him this link from Gardenista to hang on to forever!
Joel Stein's Tips for Buying Valentine's Flowers via Gardenista
If you bought beautiful flowers for yourself ~ which I have been known to do ~ I am so proud of you!
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If you received fresh-cut flowers from your best friend's garden, this post is not for you!
Photo via whitney-hayes  Vogue magazine Met gala event NYC
Sorry. It's 15 outside with a wind chill of -3!
Trying to stay positive ~
I have to say though that my favorite flowers are cut fresh from the garden.
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If you bring me flowers from your garden, I will know the love and dedication that went into growing them with your heart & hands.
That makes them even prettier!
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Please note that you don't have to bring flowers. You could simply bring a little bit of green.
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Social etiquette reminds us that arriving with flowers for a host or hostess is not a good choice. They'll have to excuse themselves from guests to find a vase, cut the stems & get them in water. I agree in most situations ~ however, if you're planning on coming to my house ~ you can always bring flowers! I have plenty of vases & water & I'll cut the stems the next day.
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To my freezing friends, I say ~ hang in there.
To my warm friends too ~
I wish all of you a very Happy Valentine's Day!
These are for you!
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Returning to A Place Called Home

Patricia van Essche and her delightful illustrations are always a breath of fresh air here at The Lisa Porter Collection. You can imagine how thrilled I was this evening to find that she is the Chic Illustrator of the Week in the digital publication of
Town & Country magazine! 
Congratulations Patricia ~ XO 

Home illustration by pve design.

"They always ask,
'Hey mom, do you like doing that? How much are you getting paid for that'!"

Illustration by pve design for J.McLaughlin
Illustration by pve design for J.McLaughlin

"I hope I give them a good lesson for the future when I tell them often:
learn to love what you do and it will love you back!" pve

These wonderful words of wisdom are from the lovely & talented wife, mother & artist Patricia van Essche, seen here with her three children who ask really great questions!

Patricia van Essche and her children

Patricia's incredible art has me thinking about how each one of us has in a corner of our memory, a place that we once called home. 

Home illustration by pve design.

These homes are the safety deposit boxes of our memories.  Loving marriages, great parties, happy childhoods, and long-held family traditions.
Home illustration by pve design.

Some families live in a home for a little while and some families live in a home forever!  Either way, feelings of security and emotional comfort grow naturally from the sights, sounds & scents of the familiar.

Home illustration by pve design. 
With each home that my husband and I have lived in, I have certain distinct memories.  I can close my eyes and visualize bringing home our newborn babies, the smell of rising bread, the feel of beach sand on the kitchen floor, the sound of my daughter's voice as she comes through the door, and the scent of a freshly mowed lawn by my son.

Home illustration by pve design.

Our move from California to Kentucky was a biggie!  In the last ten years, so much good life has been lived here. I'll always hang on to memories of planting my first garden & the day a brand new puppy named Gracie arrived.

"Home is where the heart is and when a commission comes to me, all I can imagine are the many hearts who have entered this home. A home is where the heart is even after one moves on." pve

Home illustration by pve design.

So very true!  Everyone leaves home and everyone finds a place to call home.  Turns out that the end is many times the beginning!
I loved reading Patricia's interview when she sat down with another one of my favorite artist, Anne Harwell at Annechovie.  Found out that Patricia is a Kentucky-bred, born & raised right here in the Bluegrass!

Illustration by pve design

Thank you so much, Patricia, for allowing me the privilege of sharing your incredible artistry & your words of wisdom here at The Lisa Porter Collection. 

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