Merry Christmas

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May your faith, family, and friends ~
Felt Mouse in Hammock
Bring you peace, joy, and happiness~
Felt Mouse
From our house to yours ~
Red Leather Chair
We wish you a Very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!
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Gathering | The Lisa Porter Collection


Family gatherings.


Gathering | The Lisa Porter Collection


Friends gathering.


Gathering | The Lisa Porter Collection


Gathering my thoughts.


Gathering | The Lisa Porter Collection


Gathering my day & sharing it with you.


One Woman's Style

"Making a home is a form of creativity open to everyone." Terence Conran
Layers of objects at home with each other certainly give a voice to my mother's great style.
Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection
Every morning she wakes, puts the coffee on, and begins to prime the well. What will she do, who will she see, and where will she go on this day…
Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection
Some would define her style as "interesting” ~ A term often used when they can’t “find the words.”
Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection
Her friends and colleagues call it “Eclectic.”
Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection
My mother will tell you ~ it's attention to individual needs, independent thinking, ingenious smarts along with spontaneity and a healthy dose of humor!
 Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection
Since eclectic style is full of the unexpected, creating a balance is important when mixing traditional antiques and one-of-a-kind conversation pieces.
Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection  Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection
When she and her husband married, they put preconceptions away and re-wrote the rule book.
Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection
Beautifully combining years of collecting East and West, luxe and humble, showy and quiet.    
Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection

Living in the desert they’ve provided plenty of calm cool places for the eye and themselves to land with soft linens, sleek floors, and oriental rugs.
Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection
They believe that we should all live surrounded by the people & personal things we adore.
Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection
I agree!

Photo | The Lisa Porter Collection

Thanks, Mom & Peter for inviting us over ~
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The Other Side of Keeneland

Today I was up early to greet the morning at Keeneland before the Fall racing season comes to a close.
The Lisa Porter Collection
I decided to join my husband on the backside.
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
I followed him through barn after barn~
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
 It's within this idyllic setting that he helps horses to breathe easier.
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
Trying to stay out of the way, I focused my camera on other things.
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
Even though the backside is a hub of activity ~
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
I love how it's also the quiet side.
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
The hands-on dedication of grooms, owners, and trainers is admirable.
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
 The saddling paddock. 
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
The jockeys awaiting last-minute instructions and owners having one last look at their horses ~
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
It's all about tradition, fine horsemanship, and the finish line.
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
The world’s best Thoroughbred horses, owners, trainers, and jockeys come to compete in April and October ~ However, Keeneland also plays host to many year-round events including the November horse sales, the Keeneland Concours d'Elegance, and the Bluegrass Trust Antique and Garden Show just to name a few.  
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
 Just around the bend at the Keeneland Sales Pavilion, Keeneland Cross Gate Gallery will present the
Click to View Catalogue
This inaugural auction represents an inspired collaboration between the world’s largest Thoroughbred auction house and the country’s premier gallery of fine sporting art and contemporary British figurative painting.
Sporting Art Auction
Among the auction’s most important pieces are several by Munnings, including Blue Prince II, a 26 1⁄2” x 39 1⁄4” painting commissioned by Thoroughbred owner and breeder Walter Jeffords. Munnings, who died in 1959, is regarded as one of the world’s finest equine painters.
Art, Antiques, Cars, Gardens ~ and Horses ~ don't forget the horses…oops!
Hmmm. I have no segue here so I'll just ask ~ Are you prepared for winter? I'm not.
Keeneland Fall 2013 | Photo Lisa Porter
The Keeneland Gift Shop, which also happens to be the best holiday shop in town, will be hosting a Barbour Trunk Show and Reproofing event from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on November 4th & 5th.
Barbour Reproofing Events
Welcome to November, my friends.
The fun has just begun!
Photo Courtesy Keeneland Association



The Lisa Porter Collection is honored to be included at DIG IT! Magazine.
DIG IT! Magazine
A digital publication where avid gardeners delight in sharing their roots & gaining knowledge.
A proud member of
The magazine, both informative & resourceful, appeals to the master & back porch gardener. I like that!
DIG IT! Magazine
I first discovered DIG IT! in 2012 when I came across a beautiful story ~ Her Favorite Things ~ authored by Mary Jasch. I was moved not only by the topic but also by the author's poetic way with words. I wrote about it here in Poetry & Gardening. 
Tendenze Design
Mary Jasch is a freelance writer, photographer, gardener, and also the publisher of DIG IT! Magazine. I love how she invites her readers to put on their muck boots, garden hats & gloves and enter the gardens of interesting architects, artists, filmmakers, philanthropists, and foodies who just so happen to also be incredible gardeners!
Here are three of my favorites ~

Frances Palmer Dahlia Garden - photo by Mary Jasch The flowers, mostly dahlias, are tools for inspiration and for marketing her handmade dishware and vases and American-made, factory-made Pearl Collection TM tableware. I love the comments of Frances’ daughter.

Tendenze Design - Pottersville, New Jersey - Andrea Filippone and William Welch Architects - garden photo by Mary Jasch
There is a place in Pottersville, New Jersey, that some say are the second Versailles. Resurrected from the ruins of an abandoned farm, this house and garden surely inspire.
Pamela Page Potager Garden - photo by Mary Jasch
Pamela Page, gardener, gourmet, filmmaker, shapes her garden with symmetry, dresses it in colorful vegetables, and bejewels it with flowers.
Look for The Lisa Porter Collection in the Directory of Garden Websites at DIG IT! 
Thank you so much, Mary.
I’m thrilled to be in such good company and I’ve got my muck boots on!

DIG IT! Magazine


Seasons Change

Rest here and savor the last day of summer.
Photo | Lisa Porter
This summer started with endings.
Photo | Lisa Porter
And ended with beginnings.
Photo | Lisa Porter
Life is so full of change.
Photo | Lisa Porter
Like when the sky opens up and shows you everything at once.
Photo | Lisa Porter
Strands of this day are wound with pink threads of the evening.
Photo | Lisa Porter
Must be the sacrament of the season.
Photo | Lisa Porter
Welcome to Fall, my friends.