The Perfect Bath

A long time ago we bathed in rivers, lakes, and streams.

Then came the invention of indoor plumbing. To bathe in privacy without worrying about the elements seemed like such a luxury!

These days, bathrooms aren't just for bathing.  They fulfill a variety of emotional, physical, and psychological needs.

This is a place where you devote a fair share of your life.
So...is it a place where you perform your daily routine or is your bathroom a place where you indulge in a daily dose of luxury?

Chris Everard

All too often, the bathroom is an afterthought, relegated to the smallest, darkest room in the house.  Without style, bathrooms have no personality.

                                        Verne                                                                               Sandra Lane

Yes, they do need to be practical and functional, but above all, they need to be havens of relaxation.

Four Seasons
How great that the bathroom is, finally, receiving the space it deserves. 
 Look at all that creamy millwork! 

Brooks and Falotico
Some of my favorite designers are making the bathroom too chic to languish behind locked doors! I love, love, love the mirror in the middle!

Michael Greenberg and Associates
Large bathrooms are becoming second living rooms.

                                          Houzz                                                                     via The Perfect Bath    
People have begun to forego spare bedrooms, converting attics and basements, and building bathrooms into conservatories. 

Michael Greenberg and Associates

 How do you reconcile the essentials? The MR. only asks for soap and a razor.

Ray Maine
The MRS. appreciates the fundamental mirror, towel rack, storage cabinets with the desire for an attractive, even elegant space for pampering, primping, or taking a long, soul-renewing soak.

When you create your bathroom, imagine first where you would most like to escape to.
An elegant hotel in the south of France?
Hotel la Villa Gallichi

Or perhaps you are inspired by a quiet place in the country.

John Granen

First, splurge on the best soap and soft towels to feed the senses.
                                             source                                                        James Michael Howard 

Indulge yourself, then collect furnishings and fittings to fulfill the bathroom of your dreams.

                                           Yves Delorme                                                 Yves Delorme
Take your inspiration from global culture, nature, technology or a bygone era.

Debi Treloar

Chose the look or theme that magnetizes you.

Pursley Architecture
Really focus on you! 

via Lonny

Rip out ideas from magazines, plunder inspiration from friend's houses.

Let finds such as fittings and furniture direct you. Let your imagination roam.

Eric Roth
Is your bathroom barely big enough to swing a towel in?  Don't despair.
Hotel Particulier

There are a number of ways to make small spaces appear larger.
Art adds a focal point to lead you & mirrors reflect to make things twice as nice!

Brooks and Falotico
If bathing is an art, then the bathroom is the gallery!

                                      Eric Roth                                                                          Vanessa Gavala
 I can tell you, the only thing that really matters in the bath is how it makes you feel.

It has little to do with the size of the room or the budget and everything to do with whether you leave feeling rejuvenated.
Cote Bastide
"So sing in the shower, dream in the bath and splash in the water!"
                                                                                            Barbara Sallick

Barbara Sallick is co-founder and Senior Vice President of Design at Waterworks.
You can also visit her at The Perfect Bath.


Fab Over 50

They are savvy, stylish, and successful, funny, passionate, and compassionate. They are Fab over 50!
 Geri Brin, a journalist, author, and former publishing executive, is the founder of the website 
Fab Over Fifty.
Geri Brin
I guess she caught wind of my quiet little 50th birthday last summer.  Geri invited me to stop by to see what it was all about. I was impressed!  I began reading her blog and "meeting" some really remarkable women. 
New York Attorney, Jayne Conroy

I started posting and tweeting all my friends. 
Architect, Allison Spear

They got excited and then on February 18th, 2010, the Fab Over 50 website launched as "the go-to site for women of style and substance over 50."


"We're the most self-assured generation of women in the history of women. We've been married and divorced. We've raised children, and now they have children. We're nurturers, entrepreneurs, and caregivers to aging parents. We're sisters, aunts, and cousins. We've worked on teams within corporations and started businesses of our own." Geri Brin

CathieBlack_president of hearst magazines
Cathie Black, President of Hearst Magazines is Fab Over 50.

Author, Suzy Welch is Fab Over 50.

MaryBeth Bond_BigPic Travel expert & best-selling author, Marybeth Bond is Fab Over 50.

Geri Brin has talked to hundreds of accomplished women Over 50 to find out their secret must-haves. She is giving a voice to what these fabulous women are thinking, feeling, wearing, longing for and buying.

fof style blog
A while back, I got an email from Sara Wald, an editorial assistant at Fab Over 50. She said that they enjoyed reading TLPC and wanted to do a feature on me in Lexington!
I hope you will take the time to stop by and join the Fab Over 50 Community. You just might run into a few of your friends. I did!


Signs of Summer

Mary Randolph Carter
This little guy and his summertime glow inspired me to write the post below about splendid straw hats!
xo Lisa


Splendid Straw

There is nothing that says summer like straw. Especially when it comes to hats!
I love straw hats & I live in them all summer long. It's so easy to grab a hat & scarf as I head out the door.
via Love Where You Live
We always have an assortment on hand to choose from.  I just like how they look all lined up together like these. That must be the favorite on the bench.
How "beachy".  She likes her straw hats so much, they have their own sunny spot.
Bartolomei & Co.
Many have long lives and wonderful stories to tell.
This hat must belong to an artist or writer. Someone who enjoys long leisurely walks on the beach or through the garden.
How romantic. This beauty seems to be flirting with the breeze.
by deide von schaewen for the blue and white room
In case you haven't noticed I am a hat kind of girl.  Straw for beach and garden, a cap for tennis & little league. And I love big sturdy hooks!  I have these all over my house. Found one at Restoration Hardware, and the rest at Home Goods!  Have you been to Home Goods lately?
hooks by eric roth
This wonderful assortment appears to belong to the adventurous couple. 
Simple & fresh. Perfect for the farmer's market.
straw hat entry by eric roth
Crisp & casual, probably a designers place at the beach. She certainly likes her slipcovers, sisal & straw. Reminds me of someone...in Texas.
When Victoria Amory entertains at home by the pool, she provides her guests in the sun with beautiful hats that compliment her table setting.  I love that Victoria!
Victoria Amory Easter Table by the pool.
To me, there is nothing better than sitting on the beach, toes buried in the sand, hat pulled down low, a good book in hand.
For more splendid straw, join my good friend cotyfarquhar by the sea....
A little cleaning tip for light or white straw hats. 1 glass of water and juice of 1 lemon.
Combine water & lemon in a spray bottle.  Spray or lightly brush your hat, inside & out.
Leave to take effect for a few minutes, then rinse with clean water.
Leave to dry in the open air.
windy by daniel farmer
highlight photos for sources