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As curtains became more
elaborate in the 19th century, so did
the eye-catching hardware that held
them in place.

French pressed opaque aqua glass.

Wrought iron medallions sheathed in brass.
Swathing windows not only helped
cut down on drafts in neoclassical America but also made a fashion statement!

Opalescent glass, embossed brass, lacy pressed glass, gilt, and lacquers were used to catch the candlelight in period rooms.
Displayed on a side table as objects of art or used to cinch back modest floor-length panels of silk, cotton, or linen, this window jewelry adds period flavor & decorative dimension to any room!


Pretty Summer Slips

Pretty Summer Slips
Lauren Ross

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A pretty place to end...Cote de Texas


Good Things Come In Three's!

It all started on Mother’s Day for Wendy Cole & her three lovely daughters. Finding themselves living & working on different coasts & having so much to share, they decided it was time to start a blog, and indeed they did!
Chic Coles
offers design & style tips & chronicles the happenings of four busy lives from
San Francisco to New York!
It's been great fun getting to know the very Chic Coles. With a great deal of warmth, they have graciously agreed to spend some quality time with all of us.
Connecticut is home for this busy family & also where Wendy Cole heads her design firm, Cole Design.
Creating chic & stylish spaces for clients is just part of what she does daily. She admires the gracious & comfortable designs of renowned interior designer Bunny Williams. Wendy incorporates that same timeless sense of style into a fulfilling life for herself & her family! When asked what her dream job would be, she will tell you, "furnishing houses for movie sets & also furnishing a house for my family in the Caribbean"
Wendy's prized possessions, three wonderful daughters! Her favorite times are "when the girls all return home & the family can enjoy a favorite tradition of sea glass hunts on the beach!"

Cassandra Cole: An evolving young woman with plans of someday being the principal in her own residential design firm! She currently works for designer Martha Angus in San Francisco & greatly values the guidance given to her by this long-time professional in the industry,
“Get out there and experience it all. Whether it’s a job, traveling, or even a paint color, there is nothing too small or too large, it’s all worth it!"Looking very stylish in her favorite black, belted Trina Turk dress, Cassandra say’s, “If I had a magic wand I would turn any piece of furniture into something fabulous and change a fabric at the drop of a hat!” Her prized possessions are the very special pieces of jewelry that she has collected over the years, some received as gifts. She says, “Putting on a wonderful piece of jewelry makes you feel so fabulous!"For casual occasions, Cassandra's most comfortable in classic jeans and her favorite navy blue Theory sweater. “But who wouldn't love to have Jennifer Aniston’s stylist, she always looks amazing.” On the weekends, relaxation is key! You might find her outside in the sun, reading a good book or curled up in a snuggly blanket on the couch watching a great movie.
On her iPod, an assortment of music from Miles Davis to Lady Gaga!

Melissa Cole: The middle of the three sisters is an intern for Trina Turk in New York. Her dream is to someday own a lifestyle clothing & design boutique with her mom. Her sisters will tell you, "Melissa has the most amazing fashion sense, and is talented at picking timeless yet hip pieces."
Her “favorite” piece just recently added to her wardrobe is her Shoshanna dress, purchased at 75% off. ”I love it even more because it was on sale!” Her prized possession though is her Rebecca Minkoff Nikki bag. As stylish and savvy as this young lady is, she is also down-to-earth and very caring.
“If I had a magic wand I would first find homes for all the dogs in shelters, & then I would get one for myself!” Melissa & Mom are both happiest hanging out at their home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or at the beach in Nantucket. Scroll through her iPod and you will find everything from Cold Play to Black Eyed Peas, to Britney Spears!

Leslie Cole: At 15, she is the youngest of this dynamic little trio! Cassandra will proudly tell you, “Leslie is the most easy-going person I have ever known. She is always in the best of moods & reflects that onto others which is such a great quality!” Melissa says that her favorite thing about her little sister is her, "kindness & innocence.” I would say that being the youngest here, definitely has it’s advantages.
She is secure in knowing that both of her older sisters are always looking out for her! Leslie also knows that when she is ready to have that dream house of her own, all she has to do is tap her magic wand, and Cassandra or Melissa will appear. “With their design knowledge & style, they can take anything ordinary & turn it into something fabulous!”I want to sincerely thank
Chic Coles for taking the time to give us all a peek into their chic & stylish life! Through our many late-night emails, which at times felt more like a fun slumber party, I can tell you that these lovely ladies are so friendly & inviting. You will always find a mix of modern & timeless style brought to their delightful blog in a fresh & well-informed manner! Their enthusiasm for living a stylish & fun-filled life is contagious!

Wellington & Lars Cole invite all the chic bloggy dogs to stop by!


When I Was A Young Girl...

When I was a young girl, 16 years old to be exact, I suddenly decided that I had to go to New York City.
My mother said, “If you really want to go and explore the city, then you must go and stay with your uncle Charles. He will show you around & you will be safe with him at your side.”
I am speaking of my adventurous, fun-loving uncle Charles. Uncle Charles was in his 30’s when I showed up at his door in Greenwich Village.
bleecker sign
He was doing quite well & owned a thriving art gallery on Bleecker Street called, A Clean Well Lighted Place. During the day, while he was tending shop, I would wander throughout the village, exploring every gallery, boutique & café.
I was learning about all sorts of things...
window with frame
I remember one day in particular when I stumbled upon a "tiny" little French boutique. I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful fabrics & antiques. Being a young girl, I instantly gravitated towards the most fabulous display of "tiny" little bikinis, obviously made from "tiny" little trimmings of their beautiful fabrics. I was in love!
Back in Arizona, the selection of one-piece swimsuits that my mother approved of were of the nautical nylon family. The swimsuit that I was about to try on was of soft colorful fabric from the south of France & did I mention that it was "tiny"?
The proprietor showed me to one of the “tiny” dressing rooms that was draped in the exact same fabric as my bikini! It was meant to be! My life was about to change! You don’t even know…
I had never had the pleasure of being in a dressing room without my mother’s scrutinizing eyes! On this little shopping adventure, I was not only alone, but I was also in a fabulous French boutique in New York City!
I had discovered a whole new world & I was on my own!
There was only one other customer in the shop & she was in the next dressing room. I started wondering who she might be... as we were both tended to in style!
We emerged from behind the drapes at the same time with our bikinis in hand. She was smiling as she realized that we had made the same selection! She told me that I had made an excellent choice & that the shop’s seamstress had custom made her swimsuits for years using only this pattern.
Here is where my little 16-year-old life changed. I had just purchased my first “tiny” bikini made out of gorgeous soft fabric from the south of France, in one of the most stylish boutiques in Greenwich Village, Pierre Deux!
And I had been complimented on my selection by one of the most stylish women in the world.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis!
jackie pink frame
I could hardly wait to get back to Arizona & tell my mother. I had a pretty good feeling that she was going to approve. She did!
Fred-Flare-Jackie-OHave a stylish summer! Lisa


Classic Style

Classic style is always in season!

Classic style is always in season

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Find this collection at 


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What Is Under Your Cloche?

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