Holding On To History

Holding on to history

My Uncle, Charles Adams has always been the "keeper" in our family. He kept my grandparent's wonderful home for years after they passed. He kept many of their things, all for his family. Mainly he kept the memories of wonderful times alive for the generations to come. Every once in a while, we get a box. This one was addressed to my son, Collier, for his 15th birthday. This is what was inside the box!

A cannon ball from the Civil War. In the 1920's my grandfather was touring one of the many battlegrounds of the Civil War with his Boy scout troop. He simply picked it up & carried it back home with him. He was also a "keeper".

Collier is a "keeper" and thinks that this is quite possibly the coolest birthday gift he has ever received.
Thank you Uncle Charles, it will be in good hands.
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