When I Was A Young Girl...

When I was a young girl, 16 years old to be exact, I suddenly decided that I had to go to New York City.
My mother said, “If you really want to go and explore the city, then you must go and stay with your uncle Charles. He will show you around & you will be safe with him at your side.”
I am speaking of my adventurous, fun-loving uncle Charles. Uncle Charles was in his 30’s when I showed up at his door in Greenwich Village.
bleecker sign
He was doing quite well & owned a thriving art gallery on Bleecker Street called, A Clean Well Lighted Place. During the day, while he was tending shop, I would wander throughout the village, exploring every gallery, boutique & café.
I was learning about all sorts of things.. ..
window with frame
I remember one day in particular when I stumbled upon a "tiny" little French boutique. I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful fabrics & antiques. Being a young girl, I instantly gravitated towards the most fabulous display of "tiny" little bikinis, obviously made from "tiny" little trimmings of their beautiful fabrics. I was in love!
Back in Arizona, the selection of one piece swimsuits that my mother approved of were of the nautical nylon family. The swimsuit that I was about to try on was of a soft colorful fabric from the south of France & did I mention that it was "tiny" ?
The proprietor showed me to one of the “tiny” dressing rooms that was draped in the exact same fabric as my bikini! It was meant to be! My life was about to change! You don’t even know…
I had never had the pleasure of being in a dressing room without my mother’s scrutinizing eyes! On this little shopping adventure, I was not only alone, I was in a fabulous French boutique in New York City!
I had discovered a whole new world & I was on my own!
There was only one other customer in the shop & she was in the next dressing room. I started wondering who she might be... as we were both tended to in style!
We emerged from behind the drapes at the same time with our bikinis in hand. She was smiling as she realized that we had made the same selection! She told me that I had made an excellent choice & that the shop’s seamstress had custom made her swimsuits for years using only this pattern.
Here is where my little 16 year old life changed. I had just purchased my first “tiny” bikini made out of gorgeous soft fabric from the south of France, in one of the most stylish boutiques in Greenwich Village, Pierre Deux!
And I had been complimented on my selection by one of the most stylish women in the world.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis!
jackie pink frame
I could hardly wait to get back to Arizona & tell my mother. I had a pretty good feeling that she was going to approve. She did!
Fred-Flare-Jackie-OHave a stylish summer! Lisa
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