Best of the Best

When I’m looking for the best of the best for Mr. Porter, one place I like to go to is the Robb Report online.
It’s a great source for all things new & noteworthy especially for men with great style!
Tonight I was looking at the Robb Report’s The Best of the Best 2011 for advice on picking the best cigars. On occasions when the MR. is allll relaxed & enjoying a late evening out on the patio with friends, he loves to enjoy a really good cigar.
Shhhhh…..I want to surprise him to celebrate a recent accomplishment. Padron Family reserve No. 46 might be just perfect!  Hmmm, natural or Maduro?
Now, look at who else I found relaxing on the patio.
The incredibly talented outdoor furniture designer Richard Frinier and his Drift Collection. 
What a perfect combination.  I think the only thing missing from this fabulous setting is the MR. & Me, good friends, and the Padrons!
Drift Collection by Richard Frinier for Brown Jordan
These beautiful sectional lounge chairs, matching ottomans, and cocktail tables also from Richard Frinier’s Drift Collection are produced from plantation-grown and weathered teak. 
I first wrote about Richard & his wife Catherine here.  Catherine Frinier is principal and managing partner of  FrinierAtelier and the Richard Frinier Collection.
Like I said, the best of the best!


Just one more new & noteworthy mention.
There is another MR. PORTER!
A fabulous website!
I loved reading The Report: High Flyers about ABC’s new show, Pan Am.
Grab your Samsonite & your Ray-Ban’s and before you go, enjoy Mr. Porter’s very swell video!




To market, to market…

To say that Santa Fe is colorful would be putting it mildly.

photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011

They call it the “Land of Enchantment” you know.

Photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
One of the best ways to get a feel for Santa Fe is to take a drive.
Photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
We love to take a slow easy drive through the soft-brown foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains 10 miles north of Santa Fe to the quaint village of Tesuque.

via exploringaroundsantafe.blogspot.com
Tucked quietly away behind low adobe and stick walls under the shade of cottonwood trees you’ll catch a glimpse of beautiful old compounds.  Sitting high on the mountain ridges you’ll find stunning estate properties featuring traditional Santa Fe architecture and sweeping views.
via Sotheby's International Realty
Initially, Tesuque drew in artists because of its affordability and beautiful setting.  Later, the more affluent caught on to its “back to nature” appeal and began to seek out its peaceful environment. 
Today it’s home to famous artists & local families & celebrities & civic leaders like Ali MacGraw.
Ali MacGraw Santa Fe
It’s also home to the world-famous
photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
“Think chic general store with a hipster aesthetic” TVM
TVM via Google Images
It’s a good spot to pick up provisions if you live in the surrounding hills - or do as we did, have a wonderful long lunch and keep an eye out for Ali.
via TVM facebook
  Oh,  I’ve only mentioned Ali MacGraw on my blog how many times?  Meanwhile, my mother runs into her here at the market! 

photo via weloveburgers.com
I would be remiss if I did not mention that their Tortilla Soup with cotija cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo and tortilla chips are the best in the world!
Remember, “Land of Enchantment?”
via TVM facebook
Taylor became completely enchanted not only with this, 

photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
but also with this!
photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
In fact, I’ll let her show you around the market…
photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011

photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011

photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011

Photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011

photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011

Photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
I swear there were other folks there…
photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
Freshly baked bread, a deli, homemade deserts,
photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011 photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
fresh bunches of lavender,
photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011

and liquor!
photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
I think I saw on their Facebook page that he was an employee of the month!
photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
Thank you, Taylor, for the colorful tour of Tesuque Village Market!  And thank you, Nancy, for the wonderful lunch!
Even though we missed Ali, you two made it the most memorable afternoon!
photo Lisa Porter Santa Fe 2011
To read more about Ali MacGraw’s private journey to live an authentic life in Tesuque, read the story by Sheila Weller for Vanity Fair Magazine.
Ali Macgraw at home in Santa Fe-photo by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair Magazine 2010photo Annie Leibovitz


What a difference a day makes.

 Looks like Fall might be just around the bend Oliver!
I sure hope so Jenni.

photos via The Pursuit Aesthetic