The Last Wag

Here is a place between the river and the woods that peace calls home.
In Loving Memory ~ Gracie Porter
  Dear friends,
Many of you have patiently stood by while I stepped away for a couple of months. Thank you. I’m also pleased that you’re here now as I’ve wanted to explain the reason for my absence. It’s taken me a long time to find the words.
Quietly on a Sunday morning in May, we had to say good-bye to our beloved Lab, Gracie. Within the arms of her family, she peacefully passed away with her dignity and grace.
She will always be remembered & forever missed.
Gracie became a member of our family ten years ago when we moved to Kentucky. She brought great joy and a wag of her tail to everyone she met. She also became the subject of quite a few blog posts here at TLPC. Before I knew it, she became a socially connected blog dog, started her very own Facebook page and named it The Gracie Porter Collection.
Her bio begins with ~ “Come, sit, and speak. I want to know what makes you wag your tail!”
Well, they came and brought their smart & stylish owners too! It’s been so much fun dear friends but I must tell you that this blogger has about lost her “bark.”
So before I say “The End” over at The Gracie Porter Collection, I want to thank you for joining us and allowing me the privilege of introducing my best friend to your best friend. You are all just wonderful and your dogs are the luckiest in the whole wide world!


Garden Accoutrements

What do these three things have in common?


Heritage Watering Can from Terrain

Edible Violas from TerrainEdible Flowers Tart Photo via Terrain

They’re just a few of my favorite things that I’m talking about in the new issue of Styling Magazine!


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You’ll find all sorts of goodies in my article on Garden Accoutrements!



Look for my article in Styling Magazine | Page 114


Styling | A Digital Magazine Published by Stylist Coty Farquhar


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Anne Hepfer Design

This morning I added the work of designer Anne Hepfer to Refinedsimplicity, my page of favorites on the topic of interiors & design. 

Easy luxuries and elegant trimmings remain true to this designer’s style.

I think you’ll agree ~


Anne Hepfer Design


Crisp blue & white paisley fabric, and dramatic accents convey an exotic feel.


Anne Hepfer Design


Cane furniture, sisal rugs, and exposed studs maintain a sit-back-and-relax atmosphere.


Anne Hepfer Design


Anne Hepfer Design


One airy space leads to another. Perfect for barefoot friends to come together.


Anne Hepfer Design


Anne Hepfer Design


Quiet corners to retreat are pared down perfectly.


Anne Hepfer Design


Space is provided for personal luxuries too.


Anne Hepfer Design


I think Anne Hepfer has designed a place that encourages lingering long into the summer!


Anne Hepfer Design


Like I said ~ refined simplicity.


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Photos | Michael Graydon