The Last Wag

Here is a place between the river and the woods that peace calls home.
In Loving Memory ~ Gracie Porter
  Dear friends,
Many of you have patiently stood by while I stepped away for a couple of months. Thank you. I’m also pleased that you’re here now as I’ve wanted to explain the reason for my absence. It’s taken me a long time to find the words.
Quietly on a Sunday morning in May, we had to say good-bye to our beloved Lab, Gracie. Within the arms of her family, she peacefully passed away with her dignity and grace.
She will always be remembered & forever missed.
Gracie became a member of our family ten years ago when we moved to Kentucky. She brought great joy and a wag of her tail to everyone she met. She also became the subject of quite a few blog posts here at TLPC. Before I knew it, she became a socially connected blog dog, started her very own Facebook page and named it The Gracie Porter Collection.
Her bio begins with ~ “Come, sit, and speak. I want to know what makes you wag your tail!”
Well, they came and brought their their smart & stylish owners too! It’s been so much fun dear friends but I must tell you that this blogger has about lost her “bark.”
So before I say “The End” over at The Gracie Porter Collection, I want to thank you for joining us and allowing me the privilege of introducing my best friend to your best friend. You are all just wonderful and your dogs are the luckiest dogs in the whole wide world!

Miss Erma Moore
Miss Erma & Renae Moore
Billy (2)
Billy & Barbara Mangini
 Buffy T. Milne
Buffy & Deb Peterson Milne
Lime in the coconut Bo & Linda
Charlie (2)

Charlie & Stacey Holston Bewkes

Lars and Wellington at The Chic Coles
Lars & Wellington along with their wonderful family

Maisey and Carol Cronin Hartnett
Maisey & Carol Cronin Hartnett
Stella via Darra Baker Stella & Darra Baker
Axel at Central Kentucky Riding For Hope
  Axel & friends
 Our precious 4 year old adopted stray, Henry!
Henry & Jeanne Hyatt
Ollie and Gracie via Michelle Masters
Ollie & Gracie along with Michelle Masters
Thank You Anne Standish
Chloe, Weezie & Sophie
along with Anne Standish
Thank you Molly & Darby  Darby & Molly Garrett
Sam (2)
Sam & Susan Brooks Fox
Riley and Spreckles (2)
Riley & Shiree Hanson Segerstrom
in honor of the late Spreckles Segerstrom
Edward Terry
Edward & Pamela Terry
Conner Conner & Meg Fairfax Fielding
Frasier and Bebe Giannetti (2)
Frasier & Bebe along with Brooke Giannetti
Jackie & The Preston Family
Daisy and Sande Chase at A Gift Wrapped Life
Daisy & Sande Chase
Thank You Gus & Tricia Healy Mitchell
Gus & Tricia Healy Mitchell
Miki via Cote de Texas
Micki & Joni Webb
Lexi and Leeloo (2)
Lexi & Leeloo along with Carollynn
Tucker (2)
Tucker & Kymberley Fraser
Honey by Laura McGuire
Honey & Laura McGuire
Thank You Buddy!
Cousin Buddy in Arizona along with Marcie & John Amory!
 Thank You Sharee!
Dexter & Sharee Brookhart

Felix (2) 
Felix & Frederic Richard
Auggie (2)
Auggie & Kate Todd
@ Party Resources
Annette Joseph and Dylan

Dylan & Annette Joseph

Henri & Victoria Le Carpentier & Adrien their son ~
Henri (2) Victoria (2)
Adrien (2)
along with Chloe, the newest member of the family ~  Chloe Le Carpentier
and Liz Manners Keogh @ Ch√Ęteau du Portail

Last but most certainly not least,
Ernie via Dovecote (2) Clifford
Ernie & Clifford along with Sarah Kaplan @ Dovecote

photo Lisa Porter
and me. 
Read about many of these beautiful dogs at A Dog Post & to learn more about their beautiful owners, click the links below their names.
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