Topiary Art

It started with a tweet! Sometimes, that's all it takes to meet some really nifty & talented people.

That's how I came to know
Michelle Masters and her incredible Topiary Art!
After a year of painting her love of gardening and growing things found their way to the paper and her first watercolor and ink topiary was created.
These are absolutely charming!

She works in watercolor, pastels, and oils and her interests are represented by a range of subject matter including the study of complex natural forms, landscapes, equine art, and of course- garden art.
In our emails to each other yesterday we quickly discovered,
"Yes, we do
have some wonderful things in common, gardening, entertaining, art
and love of dogs and family."
She even has a Gracie! I think that my Gracie would adore these notecards!
Michelle's clever images are clean, simple, uncluttered and well designed.
 Michelle Masters Topiary Art and products are sold through her website & in a limited number of fine stores, boutiques and garden centers throughout the United States.

You can also catch her over at her blog, where she introduces you to her family & farm in Upstate New York!
You are right Michelle,
"It is such a blessing to be able to do what you love."