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photo: Chris Everard
photo: Chris Everard
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"Mom, do you know the way?"

Hello friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
It was a quiet one here at home.  Just the four of us attempting to slow down, relax & reconnect.
Lisa Porter
The holiday season began with the guys doing...well, guy stuff.  Watching games, stacking the woodpile, cleaning and storing away the Weber and lawn equipment for the winter, you know.
The Steward
I held off on jumping into the Christmas decorations, besides, Taylor and I were in the mood for a little excursion.  We headed down south through the Daniel Boone Forest to a homestead that sits along the banks of the Rockcastle River.
 She had the trip mapped out just in case I didn't know the way. 
Taylor Porter
Not to worry honey, I know the way. 
Taylor Porter
A very special & unique family has called this place home for more than fifty years and I could hardly wait to introduce Taylor. Good thing she brought her camera. I love the way she captured the day!
Taylor Porter
At the very heart of the family is Lucille Carloftis, who happens to have an elegant carriage house!  Lucille is a beautiful, strong, elegant woman who warmly welcomes guests to "Come in and stay awhile." She is also quite the storyteller and has recently published her book titled, A Beautiful Journey.
Taylor Porter
The Carloftis homestead is a rolling plot of 50 acres.
It is also home to one of Kentucky's best-kept secrets, The Rockcastle River Trading Company.
Taylor Porter
Remarkable handmade pottery lines the walkway leading up to the barn-red store owned by Lucille and her famed garden designer son, Jon Carloftis.
This place is just as beautiful in late autumn as it was when
 I first visited last spring.
Taylor Porter
To the left of the store, an early American vegetable and herb garden are centered on a restored blacksmith shop.
Taylor Porter
To the right a potting shed, once the centerpiece of the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta, Georgia. This day it was where Granddaughter Carly was serving up her homemade soup!
 Fountains and urns, sundials and ironware are creatively incorporated among the gardens for shoppers to browse and purchase.
Garden tools, statuary, pottery, casual and outdoor furniture, and garden supplies, to satisfy the most discriminating gardener.
A small allee of trees and one of many sweet animals were inviting Taylor up the front steps.
Taylor Porter
At the very heart of the store is Lucille Carloftis. She pays close attention to every detail and Jon personally handpicks the finest goods for both home & garden.
Enter here and you will find Peacock Alley (sheets and bedding), Match (fine Italian pewter tableware, frames, and bathroom accessories), and Vietri (Italian tableware and cookware). While we visited, (see us in the reflection) Lucille wrang me up on her fabulous antique cash register.
You'll also find the best of Palecek and Jamie Young (table and floor lamps), Pre de Provence (French-milled soaps and lotions), Elizabeth W (perfumes from San Francisco), Trapp candles, glass bell jars, and many one of a kind antiques and artisan wares.
As much as she loves to have you look around the shop, she also urges you to roam the grounds and explore the beautiful gardens that Jon has designed to showcase the property. Lucky for us, they were having their annual Holiday Open House.
Before the sun went down, Taylor meandered across the wooden footbridge back through the carriage house from the store, to the back porch of the Carloftis family home.
Taylor Porter
 The house is based on actual historic plans for a Massachusetts saltbox design. Scattered here and there were a few of the outdoor toys & games that all six of the Carloftis children and eight grandchildren have loved on for several generations.
Taylor Porter
Taylor Porter
Taylor Porter
Before heading home, we spent another hour saying our goodbyes to several generations of this warm & friendly, entrepreneurial & adventurous family.
Taylor & I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Being around them for the day reminded us that the greatest adventure of our lives should always be finding our way back home.
We did.
Lisa Porter
We arrived home to a roaring fire and a hungry bunch at the Porter house.
Lisa Porter
Some hungrier than others.
Lisa Porter
It was just the four of us so dinner preparations were all pulled together the day before.
The turkey was in the oven, the pies were cooling on the rack. The conversations about the day filled the rooms of our beloved home.
Lisa Porter
As Taylor and I were setting the table, my heart was grateful for so much & I was grateful that she gladly wanted to help.
Lisa Porter
Remembering the legacy of love and traditions passed down through generations.
Lisa Porter
Offering grace for the bounty we were about to sit down to.
Lisa Porter
We have so much to be thankful for.  So much about which to smile, so much to share.  So much, that in this season of plenty, all we pray for is that we will not forget what He has done.
Lisa Porter
I hope this Thanksgiving finds you exactly where you want to be & I appreciate that you have taken the time to stop by for a visit.
xo Lisa

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Happy Thanksgiving To You All...

Maybe you stay home.
Maybe you travel.
Maybe you invite friends over and keep it casual.
 Maybe you stick with family & traditions.
Maybe you have lots of help.
 Maybe you proudly do it all on your own.
Wherever you are, whoever you are with, and however you do it, know that I am so thankful
  you are here and
I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
xo Lisa


Gifts for you, for me, for everyone!

It's the most wonderful time of the year
& it's the most wonderful time of the year to be a blogger!
Blogging inspires, connects  & continues to feed our curiosity and nourish our souls. You are an amazing & talented bunch & I am so grateful that you all take the time to stop by.
floral tenny's via  Annie Schlechter
I have also discovered some really nifty stuff that I wanted to share with you all.
Here is a shortlist of just a few of my favorite things to give & to receive this holiday season.
As I mentioned last week, iomoi makes sending your latest & greatest emails newsworthy events when you use your own custom-designed
Let's go to iomoi! Ok!
Click on the monkeys & they will show you
the way to design a free sample for yourself!
And to keep the art of  handwritten notes
alive and well, just look, iomoi offers the best
selection of stocking stuffers around!
Check out Jen Ramos' collection of iomoi goodies I found at Made By Girl.
iomoi collection by Jen Ramos at MadebyGirl
Back to emails for just a second...
How much fun would it be to send
  snazzy e-stationary on a
Way fun!
This gal looks like a happy blogger!
To learn more about the amazing things
that you can do on one of these,
check it all out at
ipad girl
How sweet it is ...
that these two are still
making beautiful music together!
Carole King & James Taylor
are still singing the songs we loved back then
& these days they sound better than ever!
Carole King and James Taylor album
Do you love the scent of fresh-cut privet...My Privet Candle from Hound Hill Design
A privet candle from

fills the air with that crisp green earthy scent
I crave on the coldest days of winter.
Speaking of earthy, the day I discovered
My Sparrow was the day
I fell in love with Henry!
Woven Henry Bench from My Sparrow
The Henry Woven Bench from My Sparrow is all about comfort and bringing things into your life & home that make you smile.
Did I mention that I would adore having all of this beautifully wrapped by Sande Chase at a
Gift Wrapped Life?  Well, I would.
A Gift Wrapped Life
Smile & look fresh as a flower in a suit or t-shirt & jeans sporting a hand-stitched bloom on your lapel from
Emerson Made
Each bloom Emerson makes is one of a kind, varied, and has its own unique character and soul.
Kind of a flower soul mate! 

Emerson Made Gift Box

Speaking of flowers...
Indulge yourself with the scent of clementine leaves sparkling in the morning dew
orange blossom flower
above a heart of orange blossom
and water lily with the
   Jo Malone
Orange Blossom Gift Set.
Jo Malone Gift Set
I don't know about you, but during the holidays I actually look forward to spending time in the kitchen.
photo Edward Pond
It's where everyone loves to gather & I love reading old family recipes even though I know them by heart. So why not wear something pretty while I whip up something gourmet!
Ice Milk Aprons
Ashley over at Ice Milk Aprons
has designed
a gourmet line of heirloom aprons
that will keep this hostess looking
crisp and pulled together.
  All of Ashley's ideas make for a meaningful
gift-giving experience!
Ashley at Ice Milk Aprons
Now, let me ask you, do you know how much
 I love bicycles?
I've had my favorite beach cruiser from our California days forever. I'm not selling it...way to sentimental.Schwinn Bicycle SeatHowever, I'm thinking that my cruising days are behind me and that I would do swell on this Classic Ladies 3-speed from Schwinn
 . It's a beauty!  cream ladies 3 speed schwinn
And last but certainly not least...
Planting a tree
is a beautiful way to honor someone!
Seeds Of Life Magnolia

is a delightful farm that specializes in growing trees that can be given as a gift and planted to honor a special friend or family member.
Seeds of Life Pine
A tree or seedling suited for a special teacher comes beautifully wrapped and is the perfect way to say thank you for helping our children to grow & learn.
Seeds Of Life Child
A living tree symbolizes strength and endurance
as these kinds of gifts have the potential
to last centuries.
So... there you have it, my friends,
the makings for an enjoyable holiday season.
Start your day on a bike ride with your kids.
  Around the block or through the park,
just get outside and play!
Send a festive invitation to friends on your iPad
using your e-stationary. Fill your home with music
from James Taylor & Carole King
and fill the air with the scent
of fresh-cut privet. As you prepare
to greet your guests, put a dab of orange blossom
behind each ear
and a beautiful flower on your lapel.
Tie on an heirloom apron
& Serve a gourmet dinner in the kitchen
that everyone will remember.
Look forward to giving & receiving gifts beautifully wrapped by one of our dearest of friends.
Then sit back
and relax with Henry & friends.
You deserve it!
Sounds to me like a
 a lovely way to celebrate
the holidays.
I look forward to reading all of your
wish lists & gift-giving ideas 
that many of you are famous for!
Happy giving everyone...XO Lisa
My Sparrow
I also want to thank one of my
SoCal friends, Christina Fluegge, for inviting me
to share my gift list at greige!
I just love Christina's stylish responsibility,
which makes greige design
and her My Sparrow, two of my favorite places to land.