The Sunflower Knows

The sunflower smiles, the sunflower knows.
Unashamed she sheds her clothes.
Sunflowers | The Lisa Porter Collection
The sunflower smooth's the restless sky
and lovingly she warms the ground, on which you lie.
Sunflowers | The Lisa Porter CollectionSunflowers | The Lisa Porter Collection
The sunflower knows, the sunflower’s wise.
She sees the doubts within your eyes
and so she takes her sunflower time.
Sunflowers | The Lisa Porter Collection
Tells the moon to wait and the sun to linger.
Twists the world around her sunflower finger.
Lets you see the wonder of it all.
Sunflowers | The Lisa Porter Collection
If you’ve learned your lesson well
there’s little more for her to tell.
One last caress, its time to dress, for fall.
Sunflowers | The Lisa Porter Collection
My Sunflower bouquet sits happily on a wooden pedestal in my entryway. Displayed in a coffee press ~ Some flowers still fresh and ringed with halos of red and yellow flame-like petals ~ Others going to seed and beautifully beginning to droop. All searching to face the life-giving rays of the sun under a portrait of my Great-Grandfather Collier.
Sunflowers | The Lisa Porter Collection
From young seedlings to stately stalks, Sunflowers continue to give. After all the petals & seeds have dropped, their beautiful, dark & handsome heads take a final bow.
 Sunflowers | The Lisa Porter Collection
It’s easy to see why people love them so much!
 Hope you caught my play with the lyrics of the classic tune ~ The Summer Knows. I hope you could hear Barbara Streisand singing as you read ~ I also hope you're looking forward to a really wonderful weekend.
XO Lisa
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