A Dog Post!

Photo Lisa Porter

About 80 in dog years and is fierce and fab! ♥

About 80 in dog years and is fierce and fab! ♥
Courtesy of Darra Baker, a friend of The Gracie Porter Collection

Lilly and Madison
Our precious 4 year old adopted stray, Henry!

A precious 4 year old adopted stray, Henry!
Courtesy of Sophie Dahy, a friend of The Gracie Porter Collection


Edward Terry

"I'll continue to be grateful for long walks, sunshine, and cheese. Cold weather, soft beds, and stuffed toys. Beaches and car rides. Carrots and warm fires in the fireplace. And cheese. I will also do my very best to be more tolerant of the UPS man and squirrels."
Edward Terry

 Pamela @ The House of Edward

Dexter Brookhart (2)

Dexter Brookhart is thankful for his friend Foster who is also a Jack Russell!
Thank you, Sharee!

Riley and Spreckles (2)

Riley Segerstrom, a Cocker Spaniel: "My plan for 2012 is to find more time for playing with my squeaky."
Spreckles Segerstrom, a German Short Hair Mix: "I am planning to take more naps in 2012."

Charlie (2)

Charlie's resolution: He is going to try very hard to wait patiently for leftovers after the meal and not lick the plates as I am loading the dishwasher.
Stacey Holston Bewkes @ Quintessence

Billy (2)

Since I am a dachshund of few words [unless someone knocks at the door] I would love to share three of my favorite quotes by e.e. Cummings. [After all, being a dachshund, I'm quite an intellectual]:

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.”
“Unless you love someone, nothing else makes any sense.”
Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with treats, walks on the beach, the coziest blankets, kisses, and love.
ox Billy

Barbara Mangini @ My Dog Eared Pages

Buffy (2)

My resolution -
As I've begun my new life in Scotland, I hope to encourage my human mom to become involved with a charitable organization that the handsome Westie (Angus) next door spoke to me about. The charity is Mrs. Murray's Cat & Dog Home which was founded in 1889, by Mrs. Susan Murray; a place of refuge and shelter for lost and stray dogs and cats in Aberdeen City and Shire. The Home has since expanded to take in animals from their owners, who for a variety of reasons can no longer keep them, and find new homes for them.
I love the idea of helping those who need to be re-homed. My parents came very close to not being able to bring me to the U.K. when they moved from Houston. Finding the ideal home with the ideal loving guardian would be the greatest gift of all for pets who must be adopted out due to death, illness, or unfortunate circumstances of their pet parent(s). Thank goodness all worked out for me and I'm living the dream of romping in the long grasses of Aberdeenshire and the Highlands; sadly I know all stories don't end on such a high note.
I wish you all a splendid New Year. May your days be full, may each day feel anew, days that are long and days filled with song. May the road rise up to greet you. May you nay be hungry, nay you be cold. I wish this for you, young and auld.

Auggie (2)

Happy 2012 to Gracie! My New Year's resolutions is to spend more time outside chasing squirrels! What more does a Jack Russell need?
xx, Auggie
Kate Todd @ Party Resources

Miss Erma (2)

Dear Miss Gracie,
Your warm hospitality meant so much to me this past summer. I hope my pops has business in Kentucky again soon. I wish you lots of good walks and rides in the car with the wind blowing in your face and lots of good snacks this year! My mom says to come visit anytime. We miss you!
xoxo Miss Erma
Renae Moore @ Moore Designs   
Tricia Healy Mitchell

Gus and Tricia helped reunite a missing dog and her owner today!
Gus would like to let you know that he resolves to earn his final leg in his Rally Obedience novice title. He promises to work on reminding me that my "vacation" from blogging is coming to an end.

Lexi and Leeloo (2)

Lexi & Leeloo hope 2012 brings you:
* plenty of Milkbones in the cupboard
* a warm bed to snuggle in
* good buddies to talk with & loved ones to hold
* a warm lap to sit-in
Happy New Year from The Grrr Girls and
Carollynn @ Design Gumbo


Buddy is part of my family in Arizona and I’m so proud to tell you that this month he is beginning his work with Hospice of the Valley West. 
He will be visiting homes of families that are cared for by Hospice.  He will be a great comfort to both the patient and the "in-home caregiver" allowing the caregiver to have a break from their duties and bringing a little sunshine into the life of the family.
Bud is loved by everyone who has met him in Wickenburg including the gang at Safeway who enjoy his visits with Marcie to Starbucks each morning.
“Happy New Year to Gracie and all of her pals.....
Love, Bud”
Thank you, Marcie!

Liz Evans

Penny is another lucky girl!  We were both born right here in the Bluegrass of Kentucky into the loving hands of Liz Evans.
Penny would like to wish all her dog pals a year full of Bonfires with their human pets, full ponds, sticks, ducks to chase, long hot days of summer and dozens of rabbit trails for 2012!
  Thank you, Liz!

Frasier and Bebe Giannetti (2)

I spoke with Frasier and Bebe & they've decided on the following New Year's Resolutions:
1. Although Frasier still thinks that our chickens are delicious, he has decided to embrace them as part of the family. He will now lick them as a sign of his love rather than a sign of his hunger.
2. Bebe the little one has decided to start a walking regimen to get into better shape and lose a few ounces and inches around her sturdy middle. She will twirl in excitement every morning and enthusiastically go for a walk rather than a drag.

Tucker (2)

"My New Year's Resolution is to take more naps, eat more food and not get caught stealing my Mom's Tory Burch's"
Tucker Fraser 2 years old  French Bulldog
 Kymberley Fraser @ A Beautiful Mess

Sam (2)

Sam's new year resolution...hmmm. Let me ask him (smile). Well, he LOVES his treats... But he wants to make noteworthy changes. He vows from here on out to select USA-made only (prompted because of the recent recall of those made outside this land) and to ensure they possess ingredients that are healthy for him. Like everyone else, he vows to lose a little weight and continue to exercise. Health is key.
Susan Brooks Fox @ Love Where You Live
Anne Standish

Happy new year - With pugs & kisses xoxo Chloe, Weezie & Sophie
  Anne Standish

  Henri (2)

At 17, he does sleep a lot! I think Henri would like to remind all his dog friends to really enjoy each moment, spend plenty of time cuddling, and be grateful~for you are truly loved. Henri is now even able to give me a few little kisses (bisous) on the cheek and nose. His original mother quite firmly taught him NOT to kiss on the face. He knows how much I love him and that is ok...he won't get in trouble~ Henri is VERY sensitive. I love the fact he now kisses me. I cherish every moment with him. Love The Gracie Porter Collection!
Victoria (2)

Victoria is Henri's love and Adrien their son. Victoria is 6months Henri's senior, so, she is an 'older' woman.  Even though she is blind, she gets around beautifully. And, now that she is on puppy Prozac, she no longer chews the oriental rugs!!! She is a happy girl and loves her life at Chateau du Portail.

Adrien (2)

Adrien LOVES his mother and they are never separated. He is still a petit garcon at heart and loves the attention of new clients and friends. He would say everyone should come for a visit! Victoria would say not to be too proud to take a little pill if it helps to make you your old wonderful self again...She will be 18!!!

Liz Manners Keogh @ Château du Portail


Felix (2)

"Wishing all our friends a year full of love, good health, happiness...and, of course, a new bed!" Love Felix
Frederic Richard @ UNE-VIE-DE-CHATEAU
Ernie via Dovecote (2)

Ernie & Clifford were reunited with each other and are now enjoying a wonderful life together with owner Sarah Kaplan and her husband!
Our message is always to adopt not to buy-
and consider adopting an older dog or a special needs dogs-the ones that really need a home, and most likely won't get it- 
We love
Pet Pardons on facebook because you can literally save a dog from Death Row-there are so many amazing people who dedicate their lives to saving animals-getting the dogs out of kill shelters and transporting them all over the country to new owners.....
My husband and I are planning to start a small animal rescue this year-for senior dogs and special needs dogs-also, because of our amazing experience with Floyd, we want to also provide hospice/end of life care for dogs who are dying that are in shelters...

Sarah Kaplan @ Dovecote

photo Lisa Porter

The Gracie Porter Collection
Thank you, friends, for joining in and allowing Gracie and I the privilege of sharing your stories.  You are all just wonderful and your dogs are the luckiest in the whole wide world!