A Dad & A Daughter

A Dad & A Daughter

So many of his favorite stories start with “One time, my daughter and I…”

He taught her to ride a bike when she was 5. Running behind her, he was always there giving both support and freedom. I think he knew back then that he would be doing just that for many years to come.

Today she carries with her the strength of her character and a beautiful blend of promise and possibility

There is an understanding, intuitiveness, an easy kind of laughter that they share.

When they connect, they can fill every corner of the day with sunshine...and fill their hearts with some really good memories.

Hilton Head Island 2009

El Patron

Also known as J.S.A.
Most comfortable in the saddle riding the wide-open range of the Arizona territory ~ 
 Among friends, he can summon up tales of the past like they were yesterday, citing small gestures that meant the world to him, and show gratitude to those who have helped him along the way.
There is so much more to the man than this image of a rough-hewn cowboy. He is also right at home playing Santa on Christmas Eve and reading stories to a family room filled with his six grandchildren at his knee. 
My story with J.S.A. is not so much about his horses, but more about the land. We enjoy our discussions about the progress of his Arizona citrus and the well being of my climbing rose ~ Which, by the way, he gave to me to plant in honor of my Grandfather's passing. 
 We are so fortunate to have a man of his character in our lives. Happy Father’s Day El Patron!