On The Patio

Richard Frinier
When California based designer,
Richard Frinier
created his daydream daybed
in 2001, he never imagined
that, over the ensuing years,
his wavy, dream-like canopied design
would ultimately become one of the most
widely-copied iconic emblems of the quickly
changing outdoor furniture industry.

“It was designed as a place to dream,
or a private place to gather with friends,”
recalls Frinier, whose inspiration came from
his travels through Morocco during his youth.

As for the breezy fabric canopy resting
on four angled spear-like posts,
Frinier says that was intended to be
a bit more ephemeral.

“I wanted it to flow freely in the wind,
not to be a taut umbrella
but rather to add to the
earthly elements of sun and wind.”

“It's not so easy to travel anymore
so why not transform
your own home into a resort,”
says Frinier.

“Take a five-minute vacation in your own backyard
before you head out for the day.”

or stay home with Richard Frinier

Napa Home

Today i Love
beautiful lacquer accessories


If you yearn for a special place
to call your own...

for potting plants

organizing supplies,

counting your seeds or planning
for the new season.
Open the door to a
garden shed
and escape into a magical world!
wood or stone

Glass garden houses are collectors
of warmth & light.
They are suitable for
warming the soul and nourishing
tender roots.
It's easy to add character,
or not.
However you look at it,
you and your garden
shouldn't do without!
the end.



Come On Let's Go for a Ride!
via Nick Dewar

My son tuned up my
beach cruiser last weekend.
He checked the tires & chain,
and his friend replaced my
handlebar covers. I'm good to go!
The best part of the tune-up...
hearing my son say,
"Go Mom!"
as I headed down the road.


Things We Love

via Kate Spade

via The Laurel Hedge

via Lisa Porter

via Lisa Porter

via Lisa Porter


Spring Meet

Begin with the Bluegrass,

Begin with The Bluegrass,

add the Thoroughbred,

Add The Thoroughbred,

and what do you get?

and what do you get?

Opening Day at Keeneland!!!

Opening Day at keeneland!!!

and did I forget to mention...we also gallop,

and Did i forget to mention...we also gallop,

and jump

and jump

and do dressage?

and do dressage?

Blue Barn

Blue Barn

Original Watercolor by Lisa Porter