On The Patio

Richard Frinier
When California based designer,
Richard Frinier
created his daydream daybed
in 2001, he never imagined
that, over the ensuing years,
his wavy, dream-like canopied design
would ultimately become one of the most
widely-copied iconic emblems of the fast
changing outdoor furniture industry.

“It was designed as a place to dream,
or a private place to gather with friends,”
recalls Frinier, whose inspiration came from
his travels through Morocco during his youth.

As for the breezy fabric canopy resting
on four angled spear-like posts,
Frinier says that was intended to be
a bit more ephemeral.

“I wanted it to flow freely in the wind,
not to be a taut umbrella
but rather to add to the
earthly elements of sun and wind.”

“It's not so easy to travel anymore
so why not transform
your own home into a resort,”
says Frinier.

“Take a five minute vacation in your own backyard
before you head out for the day.”

or stay home with Richard Frinier
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