If you yearn for a special place
to call your own....

for potting plants

organizing supplies,

counting your seeds or planning
for the new season.

then open the door to a
garden shed
and escape into a magical world!

wood or stone

Glass garden houses are collectors
of warmth & light.
They are suitable for
warming the soul and nourishing
tender roots.
It's easy to add character,
or not.
However you look at it,
you and your garden
shouldn't do without!
the end.


Jo said...

Oh how I would adore to have one of these beauties!


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

I would love to have my very own potting shed. Of course with no spiders and creatures helping me plant my pretty flowers. They always look so inviting... I may find myself never actually potting, but more hiding away from dishes and carpets that may need vacuuming. : )Accompanied by great music, of course...


LindsB said...

I would love to have my own potting shed like one of these, or even a little room in my house for potting and garden supplies- what a fun post!

Kristin said...

My apologies for commenting on every post you have here, but Iove this!

Hope all is well in your world miss lisa!

Smiles to you.

Love Where You Live said...

I just took one of your garden houses to add to my own file. I am planning one, so I love the ideas here. I need to go do some gardening, in fact. Off I go.... thanks for sharing! -susan

Pink Wallpaper said...

those make me want to plant a garden! too bad i am terrible at keeping plants alive!

Fifi Flowers said...

I would garden more if I had potting areas like these... TRULY FAB!!!