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In an unpretentious cottage, a deep sill creates the perfect spot for a small collection.
This is how it all begins ~

Young newlyweds set up housekeeping with the mixed blessings of a few family pieces to start off with. Some are fortunate to be handed priceless family antiques & horsehair sofas. Some are handed their childhood bedroom set and Grandmothers hand-painted china.
Carolina Romarea guest bedroom at the Greenbrier, by Dororthy Draper and then redecorated by Carlton Varney
Some consider this a blessing & some consider it a curse. Either way, when we bring things from the past into our homes, it's an opportunity to connect with the stories and people behind them, or in some cases, have a huge tag sale!
Thank goodness we have begun to re-evaluate the old blueprint for the "house of our dreams" which often has us equating value with square footage ~ those who have little rooms and a keen eye for mixing the old in with the new have it made. Thank goodness many channel their talents through their amazing books, blogs, websites, and magazines!
Miles Redd
We thank you!
Some have learned over time that comfort has almost nothing to do with the size of a space. It's attained, rather, by tailoring our house and it's furnishings to fit the way we really live.
Nick Olsen
Every generation has its preferences and priorities ~
Fleur Cowles
Fleur Cowles
Mixing design styles and pushing the boundaries of tradition, allows each generation to give these "hand-me-downs" an even richer story.
Some choose to stay within traditional guidelines when making their design choices, others choose to mix it all up and celebrate their individuality.
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They line the dining room walls with books, and suddenly it becomes a real room in which to work, wine, dine, live & learn.
Imagine that!
Houzz | Emily A Clark Interiors
They believe that Aunt Martha's settee would be much more comfortable in the kitchen ~
Caroline O'Donnel
And their mismatched lamps, tables, and chairs actually love hanging out together in the "sitting" room!
Jeffrey Bilhuber
Some hold on to the notion that there's a reason for every room. A living room, dining room, drawing room, smoking room, music room, etc. Thank goodness along with lifestyles, the names have been changed. The drawing room has become a home office, the smoking room is now a home gym, and the music room grew up and became a home theatre!
Fleur Cowles in her legendary study.
Still ~ I'm not very fond of the constraints imposed by traditional lines & conventional spaces. I like furniture that serves several purposes and a room that catches many elements of my day.
Charlotte Moss for Lonny
Southern-style & the way we live ~
Even though furniture styles often suggest attitudes towards stiff posture and social hierarchy, I think it's as different and intriguing as the people and culture of the region.
Ruthie Somers
 Remember, you can't always judge a book by it's cover ~ One has only to cross the threshold of an austere townhouse with its black shutters and solid brass door knocker to realize that…It's refreshingly filled with fine antiques paired with contemporary appointments!
David Flint Wood | Architectural Digest
Over time, the way we live gives our environment a rich patina of welcoming warmth. Inhabited by one, two, or a growing family, it's the essence that makes a house a home.
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 After all, the finest rooms are the ones in which we choose to live.
Remember, it all starts with a small collection on a deep window sill…
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