Being Home

The ordinary arts we practice
every day at home
are of more importance to the soul
than their simplicity
might suggest.


Love Story

Last weekend my daughter and I watched the classic film,
Love Story.
Being 17, she could not get over how fabulous Ali MacGraw was.
I could not get over what a mouth she had in that movie!
Kinda forgot about that part. oops! Anyway, after the movie,
I was reminded of the great real-life love story between
Steve McQueen & Ali MacGraw.

When she first caught his eye, actor Steve McQueen sent the actress a bunch of daisies. The simple gesture apparently failed to interest her and she threw the flowers into the trash can. The persistent McQueen decided to send her an enormous bunch of daisies delicately arranged in a galvanized trash can. She then returned the gesture. According to the Beverly Hills florist, the daisies flew back and forth between them in a variety of trash cans until the two were eventually married. A wonderful love story, indeed!
Ali MacGraw today at 70 and still a classic beauty!


A Nice Thought

Le Papier Studio
A walk in the park, and fun with bubbles
after the rain.

These are just a few
thoughts that come to mind
when recalling childhood memories.
They are also the creative ideas of
Vana at Le Papier Studio.
Vana specializes in custom one of a kind
silhouette artwork, as well as stationary
for all ages.

A nice thought for yourself or
for someone you love.
Puts a smile on my face just thinking about it!
Here is more of her wonderful work.

Be sure to visit La Papier Studio at Etsy
I'll see you there!