Love Story

Last weekend my daughter and I watched the classic film,
Love Story.
Being 17, she could not get over how fabulous Ali MacGraw was.
I could not get over what a mouth she had in that movie!
Kinda forgot about that part. oops! Anyway, after the movie,
I was reminded of this great real life love story between
Steve McQueen & Ali MacGraw.

When she first caught his eye, actor Steve McQueen sent the actress a bunch of daisies. The simple gesture apparently failed to interest her and she threw the flowers into the trash can. The persistent McQueen decided to send her an enormous bunch of daisies delicately arranged in a galvanized trash can. She then returned the gesture. According to the Beverly Hills florist, the daisies flew back and forth between them in a variety of trash cans until the two were eventually married. The End.

Ali MacGraw today at 70 and still a classic beauty!


coco said...

Wow, I can't believe she is 70 and still gorgeous. I bet my girls would love this movie too! When you have a chance come by my blog I have something for you. Oh, and I love the Daisy's in the can...perfect!

coco said...

Oh Lisa, what a great thank you gift...where did you find that picture? Thank you so much!

Jo said...

I just found your blog ~ it's fabulous! Your features are fresh and inviting. The flowers are lovely. I'm so ready for spring. We just received another coating of white here in Connecticut.

I hope I look that good when I'm 70 ~ wow!


Christy said...

What a gorgeous blog you have...I cant wait to come back and browse around! ~Christy

Suzy said...

She is timeless, I loved that movie when I saw it. I was just your daughter's age also. I think I'll get it out of the library this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Pearls and Grace said...

Oh my. It's as though every favorite thing a girl could ever want, hope for or desire is all right here on this beautiful blog of yours. Wow. You have more style, class and exquisite taste than half the blogging world combined.

Two brilliant bloggers that you very well may have been separated at birth from. Trust. :) (huge blackberry farm fan and incredible woman.) (Amazing - period.)

Enjoy and many blessings to you!!


Jo said...

Good morning,

I see that you have found Perals and Grace ~ I was just going to forward her blog and I see that she has just commented on yours ~ perfect timing!

Your comments were so sweet, thank you! Yes, who knew a new style could also revamp your personality :)

Have a wonderful week,

Rue said...

What a great story! I had never heard it before.


Millie said...

Such a delightful story Lisa! Son #4 @ 27 has just discovered Steve McQueen! I must relate this story to him, to remind him that action heroes can be incurable romantics as well!
Millie ^_^

Gayle said...

Wow! She looks good for 70! Thank you for reminding me of that movie. I loved it!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

My goodness... she hasn't changed at all! That's amazing... even for Hollywood!

Nancy said...

By chance I saw Ali at the Market in Tesuque where the locals hang out just outside Santa Fe.
I always thought she was a beauty.....but seeing her in person...I was stunned and how much more beautiful she was in person.....She had just returned from her hair stylist.....and was asking her friends if they liked her hair.....even the staff at the market spoke to her and seemed to be included in her circle of friends.

Love Where You Live said...

wow. she does 70 very, very well. -susan