May has been busier than ever around here. Derby kicked things off & finals kicked a few of us into high gear! We survived though and now my friends the tug of war between blogging & gardening has begun!

photo Lisa Porter

Remember last year when MR. attended Derby with clients & his hob-knobbing with the likes of Martha Stewart sent me straight to the nursery to buy as many peonies as I could get my hands on?

photo Lisa Porter

  Young & fragrant & full of buds, this year they reminded me that sometimes it’s better to stay home.

photo Lisa Porter

This had to be my all-time favorite way of prepping for Derby.

photo courtesy Taylor Porter

I was also making time, taking time, clearing a path, paying attention to details, rising to the occasion, and regaining focus.

photo Lisa Porter

Speaking of paths…

photo Lisa Porter

A new & improved garden path has also been in the works thanks to my son.  Payback for proofing all those papers…

photo Lisa Porter

Almost finished & with more rain & sunshine all that soil will soon be a cool corner of bluegrass for relaxing & catching up with you!

photo Lisa Porter

All under the watchful eye of you-know-who!

photo Lisa Porter

BTW Gracie. When was the last time you updated your  facebook page?

Classic, Poised & Confident



Today’s a day when I do not spend a lick of time worrying about the heat or humidity or my hair because today is a big hat day.

It also happens to be Derby Day and there are far more important things to be tending to!

Via Southern Living Magazine

photo, Southern Living Magazine

This quick post is about hats though and if you know me, you know I’m a hat kind of gal.

Peter Beaton Signature Hats

Peter Beaton Studio

My favorite style is a classic straw that I can dress up or dress down, depending on where I’m headed to.

That’s why I love hats from Peter Beaton Studio in Nantucket.

Hat Boxes from Peter Beaton

Peter Beaton Studio

The small brim Wauwinet with a good ribbon or one of my favorite scarves to be exact.

Wauwinet Small Brim Peter Beaton Studio

Peter Beaton Studio

Every Peter Beaton signature hat comes with a complimentary hat box as it should.  Thank you P.B.!

I’ve written a few hat stories before in honor of summer & Derby season but today I wanted to include some real beauties.

This is my absolute fave for Derby!


photo, Bella Grace Studios for G&G

Last year Garden & Gun hosted the 2011 Derby Breakfast at Farmington Plantation before heading to Churchill Downs.

The guests were classic, poised & confident and the hats were stunning! 


photo, Bella Grace Studios for G&G


photo, Bella Grace Studios for G&G


photo, Bella Grace Studios for G&G

There’s more at Garden & Gun.

And also here!    

The Best Hats for Summer , Splendid Straw & Crowning Glory