It's good to be home.

Home is the definition of God. 

                                                                        Emily Dickinson 


Lisa Porter

I was home this afternoon and managed to carve out a couple of precious hours at my potting bench.


Lisa Porter

It's where I do my best thinking.


Lisa Porter

These days I'm being stretched a bit both physically & emotionally. So when I find a solitary moment of ordinary, I grab it.


Lisa Porter

Did I say solitary?  Can someone tell me what that means?


Lisa Porter

If I can spend just a couple of hours here, then I can feel some balance.


Lisa Porter

I need all the balance I can get lately because I have a little bird that's about to hop out of the nest.


Lisa Porter

I think Gracie knows it. 


Lisa Porter 

Sissy is about to start taking some new paths.

new paths by Emily Alexandra Simmons

photo via Emily Alexandra Simmons (another little bird who's about to hop out of the nest)

 Don't worry Gracie, she knows the way home.


Lisa Porter

I've got to run now but before I go, I wanted to mention that I'm halfway through the most gorgeous garden book, Beautiful Gardens of Kentucky by Jon Carloftis.


Lisa Porter

I had the pleasure of meeting Jon at his family's home down at the Rockcastle River. Click on my glasses to read more about that wonderful afternoon.

xo Lisa


Fifi Flowers said...

GORGEOUS photos!!!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

It is such a beautiful potting area Lisa no wonder it brings you to such a reflective and somewhat solitary place. Good thinking weather ahead. It looks gorgeous and I love, love Gracie. Have the most wonderful Mothers Day and I am up for next years Kentucky Derby and I have driven to Kentucky so I could do it again. Especially since it means I can buy a beautiful hat. Hope it was great fun and rest easy this week. Much love Xo

Jo said...

I'm so envious that you found time to enjoy your potting bench. I need to peek at that gardening book. Bozely too enjoys a little time in the garden ~ usually digging up something newly planted or rolling in a flower bed ;)

Be well ~

Renae said...

You take such lovely photos and your reflections are so sweet. It is good to have a place to go that brings peace to your soul. I remember the days leading up to my sons' graduations, filled with many tears and sadness on one hand and on the other, joy for new beginnings.

Coty Farquhar said...

Lisa these photographs of yours are so beautifully styled. Fantastic!!

Enjoy your peace and quiet time in your special place. We all need one!!

By the way, Happy Mothers Day for Sunday, you're an amazing Mother.

xx Coty

Alicia said...

Such eloquent images of a potting bench. The clematis..I miss mine so.
Have a glorious Mothers Day with the kids & hubby.

sophiedahydesigns said...

Your blog always brings me such joy. Thanks, Lisa!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a beautiful post, Lisa. A little time at my potting bench always puts my mind at peace. Lovely images! xo Lidy

Millie said...

A beautiful post Lisa - I love the way gardening clears the head & lets lovely thoughts in that would otherwise be pushed away by the pressures of work & life.
Millie ^_^

A Country Farmhouse said...

Hi Lisa,
Those quiet places that bring us peace are so special. Your photographs capture that peace and quiet so beautifully. And the photo of Gracie with flowers between her paws is absolutely the sweetest. Have a lovely weekend. xoTrina

Francine Gardner said...

Such a lovely spot. as you do, I find peace and clarity in the garden. I dig, plant, trim,rip out weeds, water....and forget about the world, worries stress...then i luxuriate in the ideal day.
Happy Mother's day

paula said...

wow! a think a potting bench was just added to my list of garden wants:)