It's good to be home.

Home is the definition of God. 

                                                                        Emily Dickinson 


Lisa Porter

I was home this afternoon and managed to carve out a couple of precious hours at my potting bench.


Lisa Porter

It's where I do my best thinking.


Lisa Porter

These days I'm being stretched a bit both physically & emotionally. So when I find a solitary moment of ordinary, I grab it.


Lisa Porter

Did I say solitary?  Can someone tell me what that means?


Lisa Porter

If I can spend just a couple of hours here, then I can feel some balance.


Lisa Porter

I need all the balance I can get lately because I have a little bird that's about to hop out of the nest.


Lisa Porter

I think Gracie knows it. 


Lisa Porter 

Sissy is about to start taking some new paths.

new paths by Emily Alexandra Simmons

photo via Emily Alexandra Simmons (another little bird who's about to hop out of the nest)

 Don't worry Gracie, she knows the way home.


Lisa Porter

I've got to run now but before I go, I wanted to mention that I'm halfway through the most gorgeous garden book, Beautiful Gardens of Kentucky by Jon Carloftis.


Lisa Porter

I had the pleasure of meeting Jon at his family's home down at the Rockcastle River. Click on my glasses to read more about that wonderful afternoon.

xo Lisa

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