The Perfect Bath

A long time ago we bathed in rivers, lakes, and streams.

Then came the invention of indoor plumbing. To bathe in privacy without worrying about the elements seemed like such a luxury!

These days, bathrooms aren't just for bathing.  They fulfill a variety of emotional, physical, and psychological needs.

This is a place where you devote a fair share of your life. it a place where you perform your daily routine or is your bathroom a place where you indulge in a daily dose of luxury?

Chris Everard

All too often, the bathroom is an afterthought, relegated to the smallest, darkest room in the house.  Without style, bathrooms have no personality.

                                        Verne                                                                               Sandra Lane

Yes, they do need to be practical and functional, but above all, they need to be havens of relaxation.

Four Seasons
How great that the bathroom is, finally, receiving the space it deserves. 
 Look at all that creamy millwork! 

Brooks and Falotico
Some of my favorite designers are making the bathroom too chic to languish behind locked doors! I love, love, love the mirror in the middle!

Michael Greenberg and Associates
Large bathrooms are becoming second living rooms.

                                          Houzz                                                                     via The Perfect Bath    
People have begun to forego spare bedrooms, converting attics and basements, and building bathrooms into conservatories. 

Michael Greenberg and Associates

 How do you reconcile the essentials? All the MR. wants or needs is a shower, sink & toilet.

Ray Maine
The MRS. wants & needs the fundamental mirror, towel rack, storage cabinets with the desire for an attractive, even elegant space for pampering, primping, or taking a long, soul-renewing soak.

When you create your bathroom, imagine first where you would most like to escape to.
An elegant hotel in the south of France?
Hotel la Villa Gallichi

Or perhaps you are inspired by a quiet place in the country.

John Granen

First, splurge on the best soap and soft towels to feed the senses.
                                             source                                                        James Michael Howard 

Indulge yourself, then collect furnishings and fittings to fulfill the bathroom of your dreams.

                                           Yves Delorme                                                 Yves Delorme
Take your inspiration from global culture, nature, technology or a bygone era.

Debi Treloar

Chose the look or theme that magnetizes you.

Pursley Architecture
Really focus on you! 

via Lonny

Rip out ideas from magazines, plunder inspiration from friend's houses.

Let finds such as fittings and furniture direct you. Let your imagination roam.

Eric Roth
Is your bathroom barely big enough to swing a towel in?  Don't despair.
Hotel Particulier

There are a number of ways to make small spaces appear larger.
Art adds a focal point to lead you & mirrors reflect to make things twice as nice!

Brooks and Falotico
If bathing is an art, then the bathroom is the gallery!

                                      Eric Roth                                                                          Vanessa Gavala
 I can tell you, the only thing that really matters in the bath is how it makes you feel.

It has little to do with the size of the room or the budget and everything to do with whether you leave feeling rejuvenated.
Cote Bastide
"So sing in the shower, dream in the bath and splash in the water!"
                                                                                            Barbara Sallick

Barbara Sallick is co-founder and Senior Vice President of Design at Waterworks.
You can also visit her at The Perfect Bath.


The-Countrypolitan said...

The images are all so beautiful! ...and the close-up shots express the importance of the details which enhances the experience... ~Terri

Karena said...

Lisa these are gorgeous baths;very inviting !! Great fixtures and accessories.

Art by Karena

Julienne said...

I can but dream as I fight the ever growing mould, the collapsing tiles, the dripping taps! One day, one day I will have a bathroom like one of these! At this stage I am not terribly fussy as long as it is warm and white!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said... ocean view with the two windows is MORE cleansing than pure soap!

Coty Farquhar said...

I'm not sure which one is my favourite, I love all these bathrooms and images.

Beautiful post Lisa!!

Hopefully we will talk this week!
xxxxxxxx Coty

Renae said...

You selected so many beautiful images, it makes me want to create one of my own. Lovely.

Have a super weekend!

xx Renae

Debra Phillips said...

what an inspiring post lisa! i have three bathrooms to re-do. many thanks for such lovely images and the idea that they merit more attention

Millie said...

Such beautiful bathroom talk is sending me crazy Lisa! Soon Millie, soon!
M ^_^

Greet said...

Lisa these bathrooms are gorgeous! I hope you don't mind that I filed some of them! Always good for job inspiration! Thank you!