A Room With A View

The other day I came across an interesting blog.

The View From Your Window

The View from Your Window is the name of a blog & a now a book. Sit back and enjoy the view from an array of villages, cities, country sides & quite possibly the neighbors next door. You never know who you might run into to. Then click a photo of your view, send it to The View from Your Window and join the global village.

ivy by baigre


What is your favorite view?


Grace's view

Views offer up inspiration and vision.

inn at perry Cabinvia OEx

via Venice Simplomb Orient Express

It's nice that views change with the seasons.

Simon via the View from your window blog

Simon's view

Do you remember a favorite view from your childhood?


Smendajen's view

What makes each view memorable?

angelique via Garance Dore'

via Garance Dore'

Garden, ocean, backyard?

Hotel Particulier

via Hotel Particulier Montmartre

Even in a big city, you experience differences in light.

Ben's view via the view from your window blog

Ben's view

You may look directly at another building.


Hostel's view

You may be looking at roof-tops.  These are beautiful.

David's view

You may be happy simply looking up at the sky.

stephanies view in switzerland via view from your window blog_0

Stephanie's view

A view can be a lifeline to nature and beauty.

geranium in window

Your view might be so familiar that you really don't see it at all.    

A view of your private garden reminds you to go there often. 

outside via Jean-Marc Fray

via Jean-Marc Fray

   The elements can change your view quite dramatically.


Greet's view

I find myself holding on to the view at the end of the day.

drapery at Hotel particulier

via Hotel Particulier Montmartre

Somehow we all seem to hunger for a room with a view.

Visit blurb to view the book, The View from Your Window.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Lisa, I love this, I will definitely check it out. I'd like for my view to be a little bit better, but it's not terrible.

christina said...

Love these! I hope all is well! Christina

Shorely Chic said...

what a beautiful collection :) I like the window with the sink, there is something so real about it...

Have a great night Lisa!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Hi Lisa ! First and foremost thank you for the lovely wishes for my Dad.......such wonderful support! You were so kind to take time from your busy life and do this. It was wonderful to read your comments at the end of long hospital days Secondly, I do have a favorite spot and will send over a pic as soon as my desktop gets fixed tomorrow. Lovely post and much love XO

Alicia said...

Love the site, thank you.
As always you find the greatest treasures.
My favorite view was my bedroom window in 1976. We were living in Constantia South Africa upon a hill overlooking the vineyards.
Breathtaking. That & the passion fruit vine growing on the fence from which we'd daily pluck heaven are my strongest memories of our Out of Africa adventure.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I heart shutters and round windows :)


I've often thought I would be happy no matter how small my little space was as long as I had a big window, lots of light and something wonderful to look over. The vista. That's the key, isn't it. And, now a book. So happy you told us. xx's

Fifi Flowers said...

Love this post... I'm fortunate to have some GREAT views out my studio windows!

Linda Merrill said...

My favorite is the oval window with the view of the yard overlooking water. Perfection!

Greet said...

Hello Lisa,
Wonderful wonderful pictures!! Sorry to comment just now but I have just red your mail about my view! Darling, it is not mine but anyway this post is beautiful!
Hugs from Belgium!!

farmhouse wares said...

This is such a beautiful post. Made me recall all the views I've had over my lifetime.