Porch & Garden Tour

 Last weekend was gorgeous and great fun around here. Graduation and end of the school year celebrations continue to keep our family busy, busy & this blogger from blogging! My good friend Patti & I were able to scoot away for an afternoon though and enjoyed the Ashland Neighborhood Porch & Garden Tour. I thought you all might like to come along.

The residents of The Ashland Park Historic District are a warm & welcoming group of families. They take great pride in their historic homes surrounding Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate.
On this day, residents served lemonade & sweet tea and invited visitors to relax on their front porches and explore their private gardens.
This Colonial Revival was my favorite. Approaching from around the corner, the layers and layers of manicured greenery lead you up to the front door framed by massive cloud-shaped boxwoods.
Around back on the patio, the owners were serving up iced tea as I was adoring the arched French doors leading along the back side of the home.
Only a very clever man would turn a wood pile into such a handsome wall separating the car port from the yard. So easy on the eyes I almost missed it.
More beautiful layers of greenery create a restful & quiet refuge, not that you really need one in Ashland.
The mossy roof and stonework was charming. This home was not on the tour and stalking was frowned upon. I seriously wanted to peek around back. Maybe another time.
Another fine Colonial Revival & I love the symmetry & brickwork all the way out to the street.
These giggles greeted us as we walked down the long driveway past this darling side entrance.
The trees around Ashland add so much to the architecture in this historic part of Lexington.
A softly patina'd bronze set the tone for the shade garden of a Tudor Revival and called for a respite from the tour.
More wonderful brick work allowed the small square back yard different levels and created rooms.
The sweet smell of honeysuckle lured guests to the back of a small cottage.
Simple and quiet. I love the umbrella.
The pool house was the star of this family's home.
I loved the black privacy door and the shutters suggesting windows along the white clapboard wall. Lavender lined the walkway just outside the French doors.
A perfect place for a home gym complete with flat screen and surround sound stereo.
What's upstairs you ask?
A heavenly retreat with fireplace, guest bath and office. I declare!

If you're in Lexington please join us! We'll soon be enjoying the lazy days of summer and I'd love to show you around.
If you enjoyed the Ashland Tour, you might also enjoy my walk around Gratz Park.

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all photos Lisa Porter


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

When you photograph and write about anything Lisa, I feel like I have already been there. What a peaceful and tranquil spot. I love older, established neighborhoods, they have all that wonderful shade and mature plantings. Makes a difference. Have the best weekend and much love XO

GrannySmithGreen said...

Lisa, I'm convinced, we ARE kindred spirits! How I would have loved this tour. Thank you so much for remembering us by taking your camera! Lovely, all of it!

Elizabeth said...

ashland is one of my favorite areas of lexington. i love all the houses in that area. that pool house is to die for! thanks for sharing

My Notting Hill said...

Great tour. Absolutely love that pool house.

JMW said...

Lisa, this is my favorite area of Lexington. As a UK student and then young professional, I often took walks in and around that area. I lived in Chevy Chase, so not too far of a hike to Ashland. Thanks for the lovely reminder of my time there!


Totally agree with Sande. I felt as though I had been with you. I love house & garden tours anywhere and am hoping I can make it to Charleston in the Fall to their historical tour. This post is beautiful !! Go see Simone @ The Bottom of the Ironing Basket blogspot if you haven't already. She's in London and has the most beautiful blog. Take care, xx's

Renae said...

What a fun afternoon you and Patti had. I know there were many 'ooohs' ad 'ahhhs' from the two of you. The gardens are stunning, i just love the deep green hues and varieties of foliage.
I know you all have enjoyed all of the graduation festivities. So much fun!

Willow Decor said...

I would have loved this tour! My favorite are the french doors- so lovely! The gardens are also so lush and beautiful!!

Karena said...

Lisa I love Garden Tours and this one looks fabulous!!

Art by Karena

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ummmmmm. What a beautiful and grand tour...oh so southern! Thank you!

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I love your post tours Lisa!! They are lovely trails of beauty. Thank you. ox Barbara

Maria Killam said...

I love that house and especially the shutters!

red ticking said...

so pretty... i love that gym... (i could live in there!)
have you had a great weekend xx pam

Anne Lubner Designs said...

What a lovely tour, I was right there with you. We don't have architecture like this near us in Florida, so I especially enjoyed the beautiful classical symmetry. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

abigail said...

gorgeous! that wood pile kills me! I can't keep the 6 logs we have next to the fireplace in the winter orderly!

Ann from All things paint and plaster said...

Thanks for taking us on the tour! From one gardener to another, you somehow knew what we wanted to see!

I've never been to Lexington. Looks so lovely and refined.

Wonderful blog, Lisa!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

The Ashland tour would of been a must on my list too. This is what I would call the perfect afternoon. All the homes are so picture perfect and that pool house, wow..I would be happy making that my primary home. Thank you for sharing your great day Lisa. You've been in my thoughts with graduation and all your excitement. I know you've had some remarkable family memories. I think I need to move to KY! Visiting your blog is always..always a true joy!

xx hugs to you

Alicia said...

Swooning. Thank you for the glorious images you take. I'm missing my hostas more than ever. The highs have been browing so much spring rain's green away.
The house were sublime...roll me & call them home.