Nite Lights

How do you light up your nights?
cox & cox
If you plan to serve dinner under the stars...
Atlanta Bartlett
or dance on the patio till dawn,
Garden Home
 make the setting a little more festive or a little more romantic
with outdoor lighting.
Atlanta Bartlett
Today there are so many ways to make your garden or backyard sparkle after dark.
Some are based on long tradition; paper Japanese lanterns still enchant, as do luminarias made from paper bags.
Other ornamental garden lights are new interpretations of old designs.
cox & cox
Outdoor lights cast shadows...
Garden Design
create patterns & forms
Sandra Lane
that don't exist in the light of day.
Subtlety is a virtue so use low wattage bulbs.
Keiko Oikawa
Or use no wattage whatsoever!
cox & cox
The challenge is to light up the darkness, with all it's magic & mystery,
Anson Smart
not to create the light of day.
Which one is your favorite?
cox & cox


Christina @ greige and My Sparrow said...

Love the candle light... thanks for sharing!

Akuka said...

Hi Lisa!!!
I love candle light!!! lovely pictures.
Have a great day

Anne Marie said...

Hi Lisa! My favorite is the last picture - so simple and timeless -

but all those images are giving me ideas for our next get together here on the farm....

hope you are enjoying your summer!!
Anne Marie

Renae said...

I love the little terra cotta pots in the first image and one of my favorites and one that hast lit the way of many of my parties are the luminaries made from paper bags! The chandy in the tree is very festive, like that a lot and the little glass votives hanging from the vine. Great ideas Lisa! I need to save these in the file for the Fall!

red ticking said...

i cannot pick one... i love them all... candles, little lights... all charming...
thank you for your sweet comment... you are so darling.. i hope you have a wonderful week + holiday! xxxx pam

Karena said...

Love the Lantern! Then the hurrican....All are beautiful though!

Art by Karena

Deborah said...

Absolutely adore your blog!!!
Im following you..would love to get to know you better :)

Deborah :)