I'm in the garden with Michelle Masters

There are three items
that are always a must in my garden.


No. 2
Beautiful Flowers
No. 3

As you may or may not know,
Gracie now authors a face book page,
The Gracie Porter Collection
& when I saw this new topiary painted by artist friend Michelle Masters, I had to contact her!
was her immediate reaction and before I knew it,
 her two Labs were over for a visit!
I first met Michelle two years ago.
It all started with a "tweet".
And this weekend I'm so happy to be in the garden again with her & her incredible
Topiary Art!
Michelle's clever images are clean, simple, uncluttered and well designed. Her topiary line is whimsical and fun & is based around a casual upscale style.

They are a perfect gift idea for dog lovers!
Meet Chloe & Weezie.
Their mom just recently received Michelle's "Puglet" design on notecards as a gift from a friend.
Boy was she excited!
Michelle works in watercolor, pastels and oils.
Her attention to quality & detail in everything that she creates, translates beautifully onto stationary, linen guest towels, lavender sachets, and pillows.
Wouldn't you love to curl up with this handsome boy?
You can.
Animal lovers, gardeners, and numerous organizations have come to appreciate her original art & custom topiary designs.
Michelle Masters offers custom illustrations, private labeling for organizations, and artwork licensing.
Some of her clients include;
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation
and the
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.


& then follow me over to her blog,
Hedges & Hares
Photos & Art Copyright & Compliments of Michelle Masters.


Francine Gardner said...

Love her work, first i always have topiaries around the garden and second, could not live without dogs... I must have seen Hotel for dogs at least 3 times...

Chic Coles said...

Hi these are so sweet and fun.Curling up with my handsome boy right now.

Town and Country Mom said...

Seriously cute! Thanks for posting; I'm heading to her blog now.

quintessence said...

SO charming!! Can't wait to go visit her site and blog. The cog wheels are already spinning!

Linda Merrill said...

Hi Lisa - I wasn't familiar with Michelle's work, but I love it! Thanks for posting!!

La Dolfina said...

It's all so wonderful!!
Thank you for sharing her incredible talent with us :)
(Could you email me your address?
I have a very little something for you:)

Splendid Sass said...

Thank you for sharing, Lisa. Absolutely beautiful work!
Will head on over.

Karena said...

Her work is just adorable and very charming. I will head over to Michelle's site.

Art by Karena

Topiary Lady said...

What a way to start the day! Thank you Lisa for your talent and for sharing my work with your friends!! You have such a way with pictures and words.

You are such a sweetheart! xoxo

Michelle said...

I LOVE these Lisa...waht a talented lady...you are such a support to the artist and design community...now I am off to look at Michelle's work again.


The enchanted home said...

These are exquisite....wow! Fabulous.....I will have to go and visit her. Really wonderful...thanks for another wonderful and insprirational looking post!

Renée Finberg said...

no way!!!
this is the sweetest.

love it

Julia R. Dominguez Lawrence said...

Hi Lisa, just discovered your blog and I'm loving it!
I look forward to your future posts.

annechovie said...

Thank you for the introduction to Michelle's lovely work. Thanks also for your very kind comment last week, Lisa. It touched me. xo

designchic said...

How adorable...can't wait to visit her site!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Michelle's art has a unique style that is so charming and fun. I truly love it. I will be popping in on her blog straight away Lisa. Thanks so much for introducing Michelle to those of us who had not met her yet.

You are the best for sharing the love♥

xo Deb

Anxiety Cause said...

Michelle certainly got the creativity and great talent!

pve design said...

makes me wish my hedges looked just as charming!
lovely work.

Carolyn said...

Hi Lisa, these paintings are absolutely adorable.. as I'm a fanatic gardener and garden designer ofcourse I love the fantastic wellies one!!! a total must in the garden! Love all the doggie ones too....
Love your wonderful posts!
(hugs) Carolyn

Jo said...

She has such a fun talant ~ umm, where are the bulldogs? :)

I'm adding your family to the invite list ~ you're welcome to come any time; love to have you!


Amanda Teal said...

Thank you so much for my gold star!! You are too kind! I apologize for my tardy response...pregnancy brain has officially kicked in and blogging, running my own biz and being a wife has me a little frazzled. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

x Amanda