Grab & Go

The Chic Coles are playing tag, and I'm it!

They've asked me to share with you five things that I must have when I leave the house. 
Ok I cheated...but this was hard! 
To grab & go I  must have...
A bag or two or three for the market, the library & all the little stops along the way.
These don't count because they're for holding all 5 items, ok?
I like The Market Bag from Apolis Global.
It's sturdy and sit's up straight!
I really like All the eco-friendly bags out there. There's nothing worse than getting home and having a gozillion plastic bags to deal with!
My Verizon LG.
I like this phone but hardly ever use it.
If I'm driving and it rings I don't answer it.
If I'm in a store or restaurant and it rings I don't hear it.
Call me at home ok?
I do like the BIG numbers though!
My Ralph Lauren Sunglasses.
I LOVE them & wear them ALL the time!
My Coach Watch with the soft leather strap.
I've had it forever & it goes with EVERYTHING!
Who loves a glamourous approach to climate control?
 I DO!
Coach scarves to the rescue!
I love these & tie them around straw hats & bags too!
Bobbi Brown gave me a make-over about ten years ago.  Well, actually it was the lady at Neiman's but she was really good and I've loved the stuff ever since!
Water &
a notebook
a book (i'm always waiting for someone)
a snack
umbrella or ice scraper
something that someone forgot
dog leash
dental floss
extra flip-flops or snow boots
library books
& always something to return to Target!
So there you go Chic Coles.  I bet you can't get all that stuff in your Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Bag!
Just wait, your time will come : )
To get to know more about these adorable & stylish daughters & their devoted designer mother,
read my interview with them at
Good Things Come In Threes!
Thank you again girls, I really appreciate playing along. It keeps me young!


My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I loved reading this! The Coach mini-scarf is such a brilliant idea for climate control... Hermes is make minis too! Love the market bag! oxo

Juju at Tales of said...

What a fun list.

I need my giant wad of keys, lipstick, leather wallet, and beat-up old Blackberry Pearl.

Chic Coles said...


You are so stylish and I love that you bring eco-friendly bags when you leave the house. There is nothing worse than having all of those plastic bags hanging around. The scarf around your Apolis Global bag, is so much fun!

Thanks for playing along!

quintessence said...

Love your list. I've now taken to bringing my laptop and a portable wifi connection in the car because like you, I'm always waiting -might as well get some work done!!

Splendid Sass said...

Glad to read that I am not the only one that hauls the house with her. What would everyone do?
Headed over now.
Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa.

Millie said...

What an interesting list dear Lisa. Do you remember the day you were finally able to leave the house without the diaper bag full of stuff in the other hand. For me that day was probably the most liberating one of my life - I whooped & hollered like a crazy woman!!
Millie x

Maria said...

I am so happy I'm not the only one to carry out the 'kitchen sink' with me.
Remember when we were kids and didn't have to carry anything except ourselves ... ~M

JMW said...

Love that market bag - it's so great that it stands up like that! The sunglasses are fabulous, too. Have a great weekend!