Grab & Go

The Chic Coles are playing tag, and I'm it!

They've asked me to share with you five things that I must have when I leave the house. 
Ok I cheated...but this was hard! 
To grab & go I  must have...
A bag or two or three for the market, the library & all the little stops along the way.
These don't count because they're for holding all 5 items, ok?
I like The Market Bag from Apolis Global.
It's sturdy and sit's up straight!
I really like All the eco-friendly bags out there. There's nothing worse than getting home and having a gozillion plastic bags to deal with!
My Verizon LG.
I like this phone but hardly ever use it.
If I'm driving and it rings I don't answer it.
If I'm in a store or restaurant and it rings I don't hear it.
Call me at home ok?
I do like the BIG numbers though!
My Ralph Lauren Sunglasses.
I LOVE them & wear them ALL the time!
My Coach Watch with the soft leather strap.
I've had it forever & it goes with EVERYTHING!
Who loves a glamourous approach to climate control?
 I DO!
Coach scarves to the rescue!
I love these & tie them around straw hats & bags too!
Bobbi Brown gave me a make-over about ten years ago.  Well, actually it was the lady at Neiman's but she was really good and I've loved the stuff ever since!
Water &
a notebook
a book (i'm always waiting for someone)
a snack
umbrella or ice scraper
something that someone forgot
dog leash
dental floss
extra flip-flops or snow boots
library books
& always something to return to Target!
So there you go Chic Coles.  I bet you can't get all that stuff in your Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Bag!
Just wait, your time will come : )
To get to know more about these adorable & stylish daughters & their devoted designer mother,
read my interview with them at
Good Things Come In Threes!
Thank you again girls, I really appreciate playing along. It keeps me young!
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