Just as we're admiring the main menu,
she brings out the dessert!

Frosty Tin Marshmallow

& IceMilk Aprons for Kids!

Sugar Cone Scoops

Washable linen with bountiful pockets that only a mother could love!
There's even more to see at
Order early for Mother & Daughter monograms.

Perfect for Valentines & Mother's Day!
Just sift together & mix well!
Ashley & I also invite you to stop by
It's where
"the best recipes are those splattered with ingredients of batches past."
Like my
Aunt Eloise Stinson's Apricot Cake!
And my
Aunt Martha Lee's Brownies!

Stop by Preserves so that I can pass on two of my favorite traditional southern family recipes beat by hand of course!
Time to put on an apron & pre-heat the oven!

Also, find IceMilk Aprons at fine boutiques like Bella Cucina,
Ivy & Twine, Harris & Clark, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


Town and Country Mom said...

I love those aprons--I can't wait to check out the new spring collection.

Karena said...

Wonderful Lisa, I just love the old-fashioned recipes out our past!

Art by Karena

Splendid Sass said...

Goodness, Lisa. Enticing us to spend out money and gain weight! I love it!
I am ordering the apron for Angela and me, and I am certainly trying your recipes. Look fabulous, and I am sure they are.
Thanks for such yet another great post.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Sweet post Lisa! XO

Renae Moore said...

I love Ice Milk Aprons' classic lines and fabrics. This past holiday season I realized I don't have an apron. I have had different ones over the years but in one of my 'cleaning out' phases I sent them away. I had a beautiful one from Liberty's of London, I think I need to raid my Mom's closet next time I visit!
I love what your Aunt said about making from scratch shows love.....I totally agree. That apricot cake has the memories for you as strawberry cake, now known as the 'pink cake', does for me! A piece of both sounds great right now!

Renée Finberg said...

you find the best and most darling items.

quintessence said...

Love their charming wares. My mother made my kids monogrammed aprons with matching chef's hats when they were little - they were adorable and my kids loved wearing them. Your recipes look divine - will have to stop by preserves to check them out!!

The enchanted home said...

What adorable aprons! The cakes have me feeling mighty hungry. But glad I saw this on the aprons, right up my best friends alley and its her birthday in 2 weeks so you gave me a wonderful idea for a "themed" birthday gift starting wtih one of these adorable aprons..thank you!

The enchanted home said...

Lisa...also just put up my post acknowledging you for the gold might want to take a peek. Thank you again!!

Have a great day!

Angela Parmer Duke said...

oh my!! love these too too much!

mwaxter said...

Those are cute aprons, I wear aprons for all the baking I do (have my own company) so these are cute deviations from the norm, happy to have found your charming blog through the enchanted home blog. Its great!

Maria said...

I do like those aprons! ... and the brownies, so enticing. ~M

Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

Your food shots are great, the wooden shutter in the background, the vibrant colors, so much elegance and lightness here!

The enchanted home said...

Lisa..thanks for your kind comment..yes we must be sisters from another life! Never tire of seeing Love Story....yes did see those pillows at the show, arent' they great? Definitely will have to think of a way to use them in the new house! Have a great night...your fellow "never too old to stay young friend" :)

Chic Coles said...

Lisa we love these aprons.Thank you so much for the introduction. Every night we are washing Leslie's aprons and coat for class.This line would help with the work load and she would be so stylish in these beautiful aprons.Also so interested in preserving the past recipes.To hand down for generations.