Just as we're admiring the main menu,
she brings out the dessert!

Frosty Tin Marshmallow

& IceMilk Aprons for Kids!

Sugar Cone Scoops

Washable linen with bountiful pockets that only a mother could love!
There's even more to see at
Order early for Mother & Daughter monograms.

Perfect for Valentines & Mother's Day!
Just sift together & mix well!
Ashley & I also invite you to stop by
It's where
"the best recipes are those splattered with ingredients of batches past."
Like my
Aunt Eloise Stinson's Apricot Cake!
And my
Aunt Martha Lee's Brownies!

Stop by Preserves so that I can pass on two of my favorite traditional southern family recipes beat by hand of course!
Time to put on an apron & pre-heat the oven!

Also, find IceMilk Aprons at fine boutiques like Bella Cucina,
Ivy & Twine, Harris & Clark, and Saks Fifth Avenue.