You deserve a gold star!

Have any of you gotten to the point where you don't love a gold star?
Gleaming, golden, 5-pointed proof
 that you've accomplished something that was a bit of a stretch?
Not me, I appreciate golds star for being ordinary, and I love gold stars for being extraordinary, you know, just for trying.
A good friend of mine from Xavier came from a big Gold Star Catholic family!
Her mother maintained gold star charts
for each of her children.
I think there were six or were there eight? Hmmm. I'm an only & could never keep track. 
I used to love to go to her house and dissappear.  She loved coming to mine to be my other only.
On Sundays after dinner,
their past week's performance was revealed on gridded charts showing who had excelled at homework, chores, behavior,
and personal hygiene...and who hadn't!
Barbara Peacock
Gold stars used to come in a little cardboard box. You'd take off the lid and out would spill five hundred gold, paper-foil stars, stiff with dry-glue backs.
You'd get to taste the success on your tongue!
Running your fingers through the pile of possibilities, you'd feel the self-worth!
Gold stars are very different when we give them to ourselves.
They twinkle & wink & whisper,
"Good for you!"
memriemare at Etsy
The days when I sit down to write my blog are gold star days. Some are ordinary but many are extraordinary simply because you are here too!
I cannot thank you enough for that!
Just recently I was honored with a gold star from a dear blogger friend!
The lovely Renae Moore at Moore Designs.
She was so kind to pass on to me a
Super Comments Award!  
Renae is an Interior Designer who calls Atlanta home. She is so supportive and always stops by with a smile to say hello.
She is a super commentor!
Renae Moore
She is also a dear friend to everyone who knows her! 
Her faith, family, sweet puppy Erma, and friends are of the utmost importance to her and it shows in everything she touches.
And did I mention she does Triatholons?
You definitely get a gold star Renae and thank you again for thinking of me!
xo Lisa

A few questions came along with this kind mention.
Oh no! Questions?
I would much rather hear more about you!
1. Why do you blog?
2. Name your three best memories.
3. Name four of the best fiction books you have read.
4. What are the five best movies ever made?
5) Name five things I cannot live without.
6) If you could change your name what would it be?
7. Tell us a unique and interesting fact about yourself.
8) What do you love best about yourself?
9) If you had a freaky Friday experience, who would you change places with?
10) What is the best thing about being a woman?

To be a good bloggy friend Renae, I will do my best & try to earn a gold star here.
A few years ago before I celebrated 50
I began to realize that it's the small details of everyday life that feed my soul.
Small details can get lost in the big picture, especially in-between hot flashes, so I decided to start keeping track by writing them down
 no, no, not the hot flashes,
and so began the Lisa Porter Collection.
Then one day,
someone left a comment!
Yep, it was my "anonymous" mom in Scottsdale going on & on about me.
God love her. 
But then someone in Florida left a comment!
Oh my gosh it was Anne Harwell!
Sorry mom, but it was the Anne Harwell and she noticed my watercolors!
I think most bloggers will agree that when you sit down and write from your heart and your message touches someone, or you show a picture of something that you've made and someone notices, it's both humbling and empowering.
 I reminded myself that putting Lisa first was ok.
I then proceeded to reward myself with a fresh haircut, a personal fan, a desk, a pencil cup, new readers, more watercolor paper, a thesaurus, another personal fan, fresh flowers, sticky notes, a Privet candle, Skull Candy headphones, and a room to call my own!
My family was a good thing.
No.9 & 10
The best part about being a woman is confirmed by my 3 best memories. Marrying Barkley, and the day that Taylor & Collier were born.
Cindy or Julie. After my two best friends in 5th grade.
a place to dig
my camera
I still have my ball & jacks from when I was the 5th grade Jacks Champion at Kiva Elementery School in Paradise Valley, Arizona.
Lisa Porter
My "anonymous" mom gave them to me in a Tiffany & Co. box for my 40th birthday. Isn't she the greatest!
 I often wonder...what kind of mentor am I to younger women these days and what kind of elderly woman will I be down the road?
Through my faith I know that I can continue to grow and have a full & rewarding life as a wife, mother, daughter and friend by trusting the wisdom of my heart.

Writing here continues to bring great joy and satisfaction and along the way I've met some really phenomenal people that I would like to pass this Super Comment Award on to. These ladies write incredible blogs and still find the time to visit others! I hope that they can answer all 10 questions and then pass the award on!
Tina authors this beautiful blog & was so kind to award me with a
Stylish Blogger award!
I urge you to follow her on her journey of building her dream home! Tina, thank you so much for thinking of me!
These other stylish bloggers have my attention too.
 These ladies bring lot's of eye candy & interesting stories with a twist to their stylish blogs & always keep me coming back for more!
I know they will tell you something interesting about themselves & pass the stylish award on to others!
There are so many and they all deserve a gold star!
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