I'm calling him Trench! 
  After reading my post below on coats, a reader sent me a photo of this adorable little guy.
He's all set to go & now I think he needs a walk!
You can find a trench for your little pooch right here.
Thank you Elizabeth!


Coty Farquhar said...

Hi Lisa,
He's just adorable and I love the trench coat.

I really want to talk with you soon, I'm in the shop right now, so I can't ring you.

Sending lots of love,
xxxx Coty

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

That is too cute! I am screaming laughing now.

Renee Finberg said...

no way!!!
could this be any cuter???
it not possible!

'trench' is a great name.
very masculine.


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I will definately look at these doggy trenches as I am getting a Mi Ki doggie at Christmas. He will only be 5 lbs so it will be quite small. Is this your new dog Lisa? If so, it is a great name. i haven't thought of one yet......but I will. XO

Lisa said...

He's not mine. A reader sent the photo and link to me.
Gracie would not be willing to step down as the 3rd child you know.
Send pictures when you get your Mi Ki!
xo Lisa