White on White

When I want to clear my head...

or simply freshen things up a bit
I always think of white.


A white ceiling fan swirls breezes in the
New York apartment of
Wolfman & Gold.

Vellum-covered side chairs by
Karl Springer
compliment a white pine table.

White furnishings settle in comfortably
in an English timbered barn.

Fresh white linens inspire good sleep.

warmth & charm
of handmade ceramics.

Butcher paper & string for
storing sliced cookies.

Whites change with the day & allow
everything inside to fade out & the
view to come in.

White may appear
opaque or translucent.


Casual and always refreshing.

Crisp, carefree and illuminating.

It takes a great deal of courage
to design in white.

And sometimes it takes no courage at all.

Bailey's Home and Garden
When considering white
or any color, visit my friend
Maria Killam!
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Maria Killam said...

I love white too! In the Safeway in an expensive neighborhood in Vancouver there is two rounds of flowers, one with colour and the other in all white (with many different kinds) I have never seen that anywhere else. . . what is it about people with money that have them be so in love with white? Hmm. . . I see a future post here if I figure that out!

Love the images you found!

Nancy said...

I only recently have seen all white flower arrangements.......They are stunning.

I have a friend who always brings all yellow roses to my home as a hostess gift. That is fabulous also.

If they are all one color, except for green leaves...it is truly refreshing.

Maria Killam said...

Darling Lisa, thank you so much for the shout out!! I love your blog as well, it's so fresh and classy at the same time :)

Cote de Texas said...

What pretty pictures!!! White is so pretty in photographs.

farmhouse wares said...

Hey Lisa, Love the calming quality of white on white. It's perfect for summer. Thanks for selecting our Medina Lanterns too. I just had to twitter this lovely post.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I did a all-white palnting one year and it was so crisp and refreshing. Haven't picked this years flowers (a bit behind) so it might be the year to return to it. Love you photos. It put me in the all-white vibe.

Linda Merrill said...

That long white hallway just looks like a summer breeze feels!

Jo said...

The photos are all lovely ~ I have so much to catch up on; you've been busy posting!
Currently I'm looking for white fabrics for our Master ~ I love the relaxing crisp feeling it offers.

Missed you,

Alicia said...

White flowers..perfection. Ironic that I found a new one. Check out my Star of Bethlehem if you have the opportunity, Lisa. Its gorgeous.

Oh and the almost white of vanilla bean ice cream!!!! Thats a goodie too.

Maria Killam said...

Lisa, I mentioned you in my post today! Thanks so much http://tinyurl.com/lhkbrj

Julian Blasco | sofas piel said...

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