White on White

When I want to clear my head...

or simply freshen things up a bit
I always think of white.


A white ceiling fan swirls breezes in the
New York apartment of
Wolfman & Gold.

Vellum-covered side chairs by
Karl Springer
compliment a white pine table.

White furnishings settle in comfortably
in an English timbered barn.

Fresh white linens inspire good sleep.

warmth & charm
of handmade ceramics.

Butcher paper & string for
storing sliced cookies.

Whites change with the day & allow
everything inside to fade out & the
view to come in.

White may appear
opaque or translucent.


Casual and always refreshing.

Crisp, carefree and illuminating.

It takes a great deal of courage
to design in white.

And sometimes it takes no courage at all.

Bailey's Home and Garden
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