Better Than A Sweater

Better than a sweater...
There's a chill in the air in Lexington this evening. Relaxing on the patio after dinner calls for a throw. I have my favorite and it's the perfect answer to a busy day.

When color and texture come together in the form of luxury, it definitely piques my emotions.

Perhaps nothing is as beguiling as a combination of the two, especially when we wrap ourselves in it.

My Taylor has her favorites also. Much more sophisticated than her snuggly, and perfect for late night studies.

When I come down for coffee in the early morning, it's comforting to pull a throw across my lap. In today's world, "comfort" is an important word in home accessories.

I make sure that the MR. has one in his office. He will tell you that he needs all the comfort he can get.

Winter's plush fabrics provide both visual and tactile comfort. You want to touch these fabrics!

I keep a woven basket with plenty for guests who like to gather outdoors.

Fine throws from Leontine linens are beautiful simply draped across a table.

Perhaps you prefer the cutting edge richness of this bed throw with fox fur backing by Sabina Fay Braxton.

Or the quiet sophisticated beauty of merino wool. This beautiful array from Anichini caught my eye for gifts during the holidays.

Designer Rosemary Hallgarten features luxurious throws in merino wool and silk that are exquisitely soft to the touch.

Add her incredible rugs & pillows to create an idyllic place that is all about comfort.

So next time you head out to watch the seasons change, remember to bring a throw and stay a while!
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