Far away places.

It's a beautiful morning

and I'm so thankful to be home with my family

and here with you too.

We've turned the televisions off

and I'm going to try to spend the afternoon in the garden.


But before I head out, I wanted to share my thoughts,

because with a heavy heart,

it's still difficult not to think about those in many far away places

and worry & wonder about the people of Japan.

photo: via marleyandme

As we all know,

the situation is constantly changing

and the uncertainty of what is next is cause for concern.

So many people around the globe

are being affected in so many different ways.


My children are older.  They have studied about Japan.

  They have had the pleasure of knowing exchange students from Japan.

They are worried too. 

photo: Eric Roth

Even at their age though, it can be difficult sometimes to grasp

the magnitude of what has happened.


Japan can seem like a lifetime away,

  especially when you are young & your porch is your playground

& your neighborhood is your world.

photo: Target Levels

That's ok especially if you feel safe, happy & loved.

It's also a good thing for them to realize that the world is not perfect,

that people are different & that nature has a way of giving and taking.

That is real life.

flickr Our family sends love & support

to all those who have been affected by this horrible disaster

and we continue to keep them all in our prayers.

photo by saganaga

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Mosaicology said...

Excellent post.You have used the appropriate words and right images. Devastating news. I cannot imagine the pain mothers, families go through now.

The enchanted home said...

Lisa...beautifully illistrated and composed post...like you I am consumed the despair and suffering that is going on while our lives remain constant, unchanged and seemingly frivolous. It certainly puts all my little complaints in perspective. I keep them in my thoughts and prayers constantly and am hoping God will light the dark path that Japan is on right now...thank you for this post.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

So heartbreaking. I do hope they find more people.

Splendid Sass said...

Such a beautiful post!
This has consumed my thoughts for many reasons. All I can do is pray, but it is so sad. To see the videos coming out of Japan is heartbreaking.
I hope that your afternoon in the garden is relaxing.

The Shade Shop, Inc. said...

The pictures of devestation....so overwhelming! Words aren't enough to convey the sadness in our hearts for all in Japan.

Jo said...

Such a travesty and the devastation appear worse with each news clip. Sadly, there is a family from my school that is home in Japan visiting family and they haven’t been heard from. We’ve tried to contact them but there hasn’t been a response to our numerous attempts.


Francine Gardner said...

kind,loving words for the ones in pain, fear, homeless...so beautifully presented. I, too, escaped from the gruesome reality by working all day getting the garden ready for spring.

quintessence said...

Heartfelt thoughts with lovely illustrations. I have spoken with my children as well - it's important for them to understand that there is a big world out there and that these things can and do happen. They should know how lucky they are.

The Southern Lady said...

Good afternoon from Tokyo...

I recently found your blog through JMW, of "A Place to Dwell". My family and I are southern expatriates living within the city and even here, the devistation is slowly trickling down to us. We still feel the massive aftershocks that Sendai continues to experience, but what gives us such comfort are the wonderful prayers offered by kind people.

This particular blog entry moved me to tears, as it is all true. Your words were very poignant. Thank you for thinking of those in the northeast, and for those doing what they can to relieve them of just a little of their suffering.

Enjoy your family time and your week ahead...



Lisa said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you so very much for your words this moday morning. I just read your most recent blog posts beginning with the day of the earthquake.
Thank you for writing these posts and sharing your emotions and perspective on the situation.
I am grateful that your family is ok.
I urge my readers to stop by your blog and extend their support at http://thequonfamily.blogspot.com/
Thank you again and keep us posted!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Amen..amen Lisa. My favorite part is having our children realize that the world is 'not' perfect. By doing so it prepares them and they can handle those sad, tragic times better. We cannot escape such things our entire life. The globe with the little hearts and wee hands so very perfect.

XX Deb

Sweet Life Garden said...

Beautiful Blog! When it's hard to say anything about Japan, you said what could be said... so well. Thank you, Jill

Renae Moore said...

My heart aches for this tragedy. I ask the Heavenly Father each day to put His loving arms around all these people and give them His peace and protection, and be with those that grieve and call them to Himself.
As always Lisa, your gift of expression is supreme.