That’s a Wrap!


TumblrOr is it a scarf?


An oversized scarf is so versatile.

The perfect solution for those of us who are hot one minute & cold the next!


I used to grab a coat every time I left the house but just as quickly as I got in the car and buckled up for safety, I unbuckled and got back out! 

Can you say hot flash in a straight-jacket!?!


Lately though, Mother Nature has been gentle on the Bluegrass.


I’ve still been able to wear a few classic blazers passed this way by my stylish mother-in-law paired with my favorite cashmere scarves that feel like a warm hug from my mom.  Grab some driving gloves in the morning and I’m good to go! 

  Oh to be young again!

Stockholm Street Style

I have to tell you though – well, maybe I don’t have to tell you - I seem to be slow to catch on to these things – my favorite combination this season is a wrap or long relaxed sweater & a scarf!  It’s a formula that is casual and modern, but trendy? Not so much.

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Like I said, a beautiful long scarf can be so versatile.  Use it as a blanket on long commutes or pass it to a friend who suddenly catches a chill.

Been there.  So thankful.

           Tumblr Tumblr

It’s good to know that classic silk scarves never go out of style. 

Silk Twill Hermes ScarfHermès

Always thinking about my dear friends & family out in SoCal. 


May the Santa Anna’s calm your sails soon!



This is for you all. 

A fashion short, featuring the legendary Hermès scarf.



Dumbwit Tellher said...

How do you weave such fabulous posts? I'm a big scarf fan and especially now being back in the frigid temps it's a must. I just feel so Leslie Caron or oh so Doris Day!

I adore your post Ms. Porter where as my brain is dead... / :

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and sending a big hug to you from cold Washington State tonight, likely Portland, OR tomorrow! xo xo

Juju at Tales of said...

Lovely. I love scarves.

Julienne said...

I wish I could wear my scarves with this much panache!
Particularly love the dogs, I shall have to knit one for my saluki for next winter!!!

Katherine said...

I love big scarves and pashmina's. No matter what the season is they work perfectly. When we traveled to France a couple of years ago in the fall, I was uncertain of the weather. I took many different pashmina's with me and colourful scarves; it helped me to extend my wardrobe and were so easy to pack.

Karena said...

Lisa I rarely leave the house without a warm scarf and gloves. Layered really, because one moment I am cold and the next hot!! I have also kept my silk scarves forever!

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Art by Karena

Renée Finberg said...

i adore big scarves.
forget the fact that they are so beautiful....
they add so much warmth.
i can often get away with a big scarf
instead of a jacket.

not to mention how incredibly chic they are,
and how chic they can make us look

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I am a huge scarf fan as well!! My collection is vast and at one point, I almost had a summer-shift made out of two of my Hermes scarves for my niece Emily [when she was 4]! Yes... that's pure Auntie love. The collection will end-up in good hands some day. This post is perfection. The photos divine! Just love. ox